Bye-bye clown (pugger POV)

Initially, I had extremely good impressions of this raid. And I still do, it’s just that I have awful impressions of this playerbase. When I cleared G3 on the same day I got back to the game after a 2 months break, I was like “Wohoo, now we talking, finally a challenge in this game”. But it turns out that I only got lucky to find people who were proficient. After the weekly reset and around 200+ wipes in gate 3 over 2 full days of time dedicated to it, I am officially done with this BS.

Reclear parties are scam. Exp parties are scam. Majority of people who clear the raid do so after enormous numbers of wipes every week to finally get lucky with the seed. They don’t actually know how to consistently clear it. Any non-standard situation where the boss does something weird immediately throws people off. They only can clear it if everything goes perfect and there are no overlapping patterns\mechanics. And you can easily see this if you have a low iLvL + low roster character and nobody accepts you. While you are sitting there for 40 minutes you can see a bunch of “exp reclear” groups full of 200 roster 1505 iLvL disbanding and recruiting again.

Of all of those 2 days full of wipes, only about 10 were caused by me (we are talking hundreds here, so it is probably less than 5% ratio). However, for some reason it is usually my mistakes that cause people to start being toxic. We could be wiping 40 minutes because somebody else makes a mistake, but then as soon as I make a mistake people go crazy. And I probably know the answer why. My iLvL is usually the lowest in the group as well as my Roster LvL. And if you are in the fight alongside me, there is an immediate contrast between how I’m staying alive and not getting hit, and how you get so much gauge you can’t even come close to the boss because the portal for your mario is not up yet. People are just mad coz bad, looking at someone who is better than them and trying to find any justification as to why I am the problem. Of course, due to a very smart game design, we can’t see who does the most damage alongside with chugging least number of potions, but what can I do - devs call that toxicity. But showing off your useless roster level - the indicator of how much daily quests you did without skipping a day - and judging others based on this metric is not toxic. Sure.

Try joining groups - get gatekept because of 1482 \ 115 Roster - finally join a group - do the hardest mario - oh shit somebody killed the flamethrower, oh no somebody died to saws, oh no somebody died in mario 2, somebody used Inana 2 seconds earlier than they should be, all good, all good, now due to how tired and bored I am I also finally make a mistake - GG, kick him, restart, im done of this, he is not doing enough damage - why do you think so? - because he is low iLvL etc. etc.

Remake, experience gatekeeping for 15 more minutes, join the group - repeat the process.

I do not see any reason to pug an MMO where you are not even sure if you will clear the raid this week or not. And since pugging is the only interesting option - I’ll just quit the game. I honestly, GENUINELY do not understand what is it so hard about this raid that people literally pass out in front of this damn Gate 3. But I am not going to waste dozens of hours every week and waste gold on pots, because I don’t play the game regularly and I don’t have as much free pot boxes. Literally 2k gold spent on idiots who can’t pull out hands out of their assholes.

Unfortunately, the game made a sharp turn towards static-oriented players, and being a pug player who only plays legion raids on one character became a miserable experience not worth time to be spent on. What static or guild would accept me too? I could randomly make pauses here and there, skip weekly resets and not even show up in the game for a full month. Nobody wants a player like this. But at the same time I feel scammed, because initially the game positioned itself as a very pug-friendly experience. Thanks God I at least cleared it once and got Cruel so I don’t feel like the problem is me.


is it hard to inspect and see if they have set bonus or not?

Why won’t you start pointing out others in your party, whenever they fk up?

aaaannnnddd THIS is the exact reason, AS A PUGGER, i wait a few extra weeks before i even bother trying new raids…lol

what do you expect would happen as a pugger week 1, 2? lol
yeah maybe wait another 3 weeks.

Some ppl will see that as “Him being toxic” believe me.

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They could’ve kept at least half of their casual pllayerbase by just adding some qol nerfs like

  • don’t do rainbow pattern on mario entry so clown will cork the laserbeam and you can’t get in because you get blasted by lasers

  • during mario portal don’t do doves or fear beam offscreen clipping the guy trying to get clowned in the turret from halfway across the map when he can’t see what to dodge

  • once curtain drops cleanse the screen of balls and turret and fire etc

  • don’t do silence blast at 0.5 seconds left of hp curse when everyone is with 10 health left expecting the curse to end and gets wiped

  • once showtime starts cleanse the hp curse if active

And that’s it. Saws hooks are fine, there are set patterns that work every time, 0 problems there.

Not really gimping the raid into ez mode but just removing the frustration out of it with these changes.

But noooo, we are PRoGaMErS WeWanTHaRDRnGSpam to feel important and write “git gud” to others that complain.

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aint even gonna read this stop spamming posts about the same thing

As a pugger I feel the pain.
The harder the content gets the more pronounced the before-mentioned symptoms become.

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OMG and this is only Clown what are come when Barel and Akkan come out, I dont even want to know.

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If you notice that the rainbow is always a grid around the boss with the same safespots every time you can probably figure out where you have to go to enter mario without this happening.

That’s more an issue of your dps not knowing what they have to do. Your dps should focus on taking down turret and balls after the player entered mario.

You can call a dps stop to wait for the curse if you really have issues with it otherwise just take a potion to recover your hp. Also supports tend to have heal/shields for showtime ready.

Are you talking about the mech that’s happening after every 2 curses? You either manage your hp properly or meet right before the end in the middle of the arena to get shielded/healed by support to help with that.

That is probably the hardest to solve because that requires some group positioning or proper use of battle items if it is a frequent issue.

The question is if you encounter these problems do you say unlucky and just try again hoping it doesn’t happen again or are you looking for a solution to solve these situations?

I’ve enjoyed the pugging experience. Sure, you quickly see who can’t pull their weight, but everyone that can has been added to my friends list and I’ve got a healthy list of “friends” who have plenty of alts capable of doing it and are always down when I send out messages. No static, just being social. Whodathunkit.

I’ve been pugging clown on 3 characters since it came out. First couple weeks were a little rough but now the runs go fine. G1/2 typically over quickly and G3 usually takes a bit as everyone needs to find some sketchy one shot to die to at least once each.

U want to nerf a raid thats that ezer then vykas?

Then people are stuck at g3 or something why u guys just dont do g1/g2 and g3 rehearsal.
And try next id again.

Or a better call make your own static or search a static for the first few weeks after u are so confortable going pug gain.

My advice would be to keep trying.
I was giving up the idea of doing G3 of Kakul, even on my main, and then i decide to try it in pugs with my alt 1490, just like that, being hothead.

I was with 1480-90 people and this was the smoothest run i’ve done so far.

And in the end one of them already had a server specially for kakul reclears, with nice people on it. No guild, no duties, we are playing together if we want to.

And about those who point failures, often with things like “It’s complicated to count to 5 ?!” for P2 vykas for example, just know those people are the first to find excuses when they fail something.

“I was stuck, comboed” or any kind of bullshit.

Personnally i just say to them “Keep talking, i only hear white noise” or even i don’t answer at all. That must not reach you, yes it’s annoying sometimes, but i met those people on Valtan, Vykas and even Argos P1 and i just ignore them, do the raids or quit and move on.

Maybe i’m saying this cause of my personnal experience. But honestly this isn’t that bad for now. Arses are everywhere and on internet they allow themselves to tell things they wouldn’t otherwise.

Last time one guy was keeping calling me “useless brain scrapper” cause i dashed too early on showdown. Yeah my bad, can happen, but you know what ? i don’t give a shit, i’ve done some more tries and stopped when i saw we would not clear the raid, because of me or not.

That’s because us who clear it in 1-2 pulls do it with a static group. I sometimes pug with alts and its true that reclear parties are a scam. That is why I always ask 5-10 clear achievement always

Yes, the solution is what I said above as I don’t want to be the only one left on the server after half an year.

I don’t care for this game to cater to the 1% elite, the game needs to have a big playerbase to function properly.

Nerfing the raid to keep the playerbase is more important than the 1% elite being upset it’s not hard. Go hell mode for that.

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Source - I guessed, trust me bro

Source: steam player numbers dropping, reddit/forum/discord players quitting, AH having less and less drops on more and more servers, crystals skyrocket because whales are leaving, streamers dropping this game in favor of others etc

Just need to open your eyes to see it, that’s all.

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LOL - source: my source is better than yours, trust me bro