Caliligos battle items managment

Hi, after the first say of doing this guardian I am kind of lost about BI, I notice that we neeed 1 flare (duh), 2 pheros and destructions, I dont think stagger nade is actually needed.
The idea of this post is to ask if you guys know what is a proper way to kill it with all ppl using the same amount of stufd.
Maybe like 1 flare 2 and 3 phero and 4 destruc? I dont really know.

Its 1 Flare/Phero, Rest WW, Destruction.

So 1 use 3 stuff and everyone else 2? 1 ww and 1 dest?

No, the boss does the pattern multiple times. Means multiple battle items for everyone.

If you want to limit to 2 items per person, then 1 FP, 2 PW, 34 WD. But in practise, I’ve found it easier to just have 1 FP and everyone else WD.

no, you use 3 everyone else uses 4, 1ww and 1d for every phase.

WW is not needed, WW is only needed when your team have a very low stagger count, we stagger it so many times without a single WW needed like 95% of the time unless someone get pushed up and couldnt use stagger skills thats where WW only needed

Campfire, horn of lutera, scarecrow and flash granades.
That’s what BI police would tell you. In the meanwhile my team used 3x flare out of pure laziness on a fight that took us 5 minutes.
They’re just a laughable stock, nothing more.

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Not sure how others do it, i did MM and used flare or phero only, same with the rest … the shockwave etc … just puny dmg it can’t hurt you if you have a perfect build, keep shredding and 4-5 mins it’s done. Btw most people on the floor, raged and pointing fingers i don’t know why ahaha

We’re not KR. But in KR they always apply this rule, in any scenario :
Number 1 = Flare(s).
Number 2 = Pheromon(s).

Everyone else use whatever is requiered, can be Acid, can be Destruction, if Whirlwind or even Dark nade.

In case of Caliligcos, everyone (but number 2) take Destruction and should throw a destruction bomb during Weak-Point check. Stagger grenade is not necessary most of the time, but you should bring it and use it if needed, especially if you are a support with low stagger (no VPH) for example, or if you have no spell avaible when the boss start the Stagger Check.

It’s fair because the number you get is random. So if the boss deosn’t requieres anything else than Flare for example, no one use battle items except party number1, which is fair since you’ll be party1 about 25% of the time.

And tbh, if that “Party1 = Flare” could be the single one set in stone rule that we should have, it would be great and would avoid a lot of waste.

1 flare+phero the others using ww and destruction ONLY if the party doesnt have enough stagger or weak point dmg.
You can do it with only flare phero.

So this was supposed to be that ‘super hard guardian’ that wrecked havoc across KR community??

0 hp pots used on alt runs, even on the most squishy characters…

1: Throws Flare and the 2 Pheros
2,3,4: Throws WW/Destro Bombs (you will AT least see it twice) but can see it MORE then 2 times. The general avg is everyone thowing 3 BIs.

The solution is playing red gunlancer, good stagger, easy counter, infinite destruction, no BIs needed

Feel free to use all of your items if you want to.
None of these are necessary.

Did I say they were. Just like they were not required for turtle or any guardian for that matter.

I’m just stating the general census order so far.

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