Caliligos is the WORST designed guardian

This boss is LITERALLY cockroach, This boss has so much small movements so it becomes so hard to hit, it flies alway flies back, flies up and flies down, almost the whole the map just full of lightning and so much aoe, if you wanna dps they are almost undodgeable.

Yes it gives you dmg buff by staggering it and throwing destruction boom. But its 50/50 so u have highly chance to get both shield, And we already have other orbs that give us shield, plus we also have support, so what’s the point of giving you another bigger shield?
And let’s say it gives you dmg buff, you HAVE TO hold your burst and wait for orb spawns, get 5 of them AND THEN finally you can enjoy dmg buff, But isnt this weird that you have to hold your burst after the boss got staggered? this mech just waste of free dps time and it makes it no fun,why?

FOR ME, this boss is just, bad designed, no fun, just pain and depressed, why? bec i have to do caliligos every single day 2 times on 6 characters, “no one forcing you to do them” Ye ofc no is forcing me to do them, but if i dont, how can i chase up? everyone wants to be stronger, i have time, but this boss is just, NO FUN.

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yeah gotta wait 4 months for an actually fun and better designed guardian.

For daily content, Caliligos sucks.

And before anyone says “oh so you find Cali hard?” - no, hard and annoying are two different things.


I like him he is way more fun then the turtle…

Best guardian design : clear button on menu page that gives instant rewards


As far as I know you get shield only when you kill a blue orb (mostly accidentally) before doing SCD mech.
And btw I calculated Kungelanium gives same gold value as Caliligos, you only do Caliligos if you wanna gamba luck on bracelets. [EUC region]
Kunge is just faster, easier and requires less battle items.

do 6 per day since he release , have so much fun and no problem , maybe u want daily reward in mail after login?

what you talking about, i do 12 caliligos per day, im hard core player… i said i have time but its just not fun to do them, as daily content.

But Calli gives Marvelous Leaps , Kungel gives Great Leaps it is different. For me i keep doing Calligos with my alts to feed my main with those leaps.

The raid for me is interactive, so that makes it fun, it makes me feel like I actually have to play my character, not just punch a bag like turtle felt to me. So yeah, it makes this argument relative, so don’t blame it on the game or “desing”. Maybe the reason I like it, is why you hate it, maybe you would rather stay afk and claim rewards faster. Sometimes bad players make the raid a hell, which again, is something to blame on the players, not the “desing”.

if i having a bad exp in a guardian raid, i WILL blame it on desining, a good designed guardian can be fun ANNND hard at same time, aliligos is clearly not hard, but its anoying and not fun to do them, that’s why stoopzz keep asking to smilegate improve the game daily content, cuz they are just bad designed and they could make them better. too far, but just saying.

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I literally just said IT IS FUN for me, but yeah, the world spins around you. Got it.

The best would be to just click “rewards” so u dont even have to play the game right? Caliligos is actually really nice, it’s the only guardian were u don’t have to stand afk attacking until it’s dead. It’s pretty much the only guardian were u need to do some mechs and that’s so hard for you cause its jumping away? xD Download candy crush instead dude and don’t waste more time on the forums.

oh so you want a boss to sit still so you can do dps and see big numbers right? its in trixion buddy =]

I get surprised of how bad some people are tbh and that they actually have to make a post writing about it as well, i quote him:
“Yes it gives you dmg buff by staggering it and throwing destruction boom. But its 50/50 so u have highly chance to get both shield”

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pls get my point, i not saying caliligos is hard to do, and im not saying im baby sit for rewards, i saying they can make it harder but less anoying and more fun, cuz caliligos has too much random shit, and that’s why ppl and ppl in korean saying next guradian raid is more fun to do, cuz its well designed, its hard, it has mech, but its fun and more reward then caliligos.

Sell Greater leaps, buy marvelous. What didn’t you understand when I said “same value”
Double rested Kunga gives ~30 leaps x 60g = 1800
Double rested Cali gives ~20 leaps x 80g = 1600
EUC prices

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All i can think of here is just this guardian is a good reaction practice. Plus, mechanic knowledge. Nothing wrong or annoying with it imo

It is one annoying guardian boss to do it with pub or party finder though it is our only option atm to get the marvelous stones lol. I hate the consistent electric shock. Annoying asf.

Well after understanding how this dragon on crack works. Its super fun. And the pattern are the same. And Calli helps u if u are good at counter.

People died on kunge when it first came out and did not know when to phero, could not find the geysers, froze eachother etc.

People will complain about every guardian the first 1-2 months.