Caliligos is the WORST designed guardian

Might I recommend trying to use the Mayhem Guardian Card set…it makes Caliligos’ damage significant easier to deal with.

This. Sell ur kunga stones buy the new ones if you don’t like cali GHLs are over 75 on NAE you get more gold from kunga

Caliligos is just annoying, I can’t believe some people pretend it’s hard just to shit on what some people think. It’s just a god damn guardian raid, daily content is supposed to be entertaining at least, not annoying.

Calili still edges out Kunga if just a little bit because of the blue and red crystals. It’s not by alot but the chance of bracers also leans more towards killing Calili if you have the time.

There is for sure an argument to be made that Kunga is just better value right now as GHL are still pretty heavily inflated from people trying to force G5-6 using the older upgrades or getting characters to brel. Honestly I’m not sure why GHL are so inflated right now but they are so take advantage of it.

idk if people explained it yet or not but ill explain to you the idea behind cali so when he goes into stagger mech you stagger some orbs spawn these orbs protect you from getting stunned after 4 lighting strikes you don’t want to get them when you finish stagger ideally you want to stagger break horn then break the 5 balls that spawn then take the balls that way you get damage buff +cd buff and shield as well if you do this i promise you cali will die in less than 4min easily with 1490 alts 5x3 or 4x3+2 if you don’t get the damage cd buff it will be annoying to do it
and one last thing you can’t get the damage buff if you have the shield on you after you stagger him you need to not take the orbs stagger into breaking horn into 5 balls then you try to get the shield ball
and the buff balls you need to be mele range to get the buff from them

Thats true, cali desing is just awful.
Remember Velganos? This is an example of great guardian. He was hard, but not annoying. You could learn his patterns and with time become very good at killing him, even at ilvl.

I dont know, i think people who defend Cali must have one char and do it every few days or be super overleveled. This **** sucks.

Because it not same value. I do everyday not with rested bonus. Plus game takes %5 tax from AH. Also you have now 20 limits of selling daily. It not same value.

Yep, not same value. Kunga gives more gold when selling all the materials

It definitely is a tough boss on ilvl that is punishing and also doing it multiple times is smoge. I agree. but it is also just reskinned calventus with a few unique mechs. Once people have full Brel set I have a feeling the boss will be pretty easy to delete even in matchmaking

Some guardians are meant to be cleared once only. And Caliligos is one of them.

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