Came back after a month or 2 and game looks worse

its a flaw

u cant succeed ingame even as a whale if u play 1 character per day

But you can play with only 1 character like FF, but your progress will be"your own peace" :rofl:

Said the entire population of new world. Now look at their forum…

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Cant wait for brel

I think he probably expected people to still play the game and, as such, be putting items and books back into the market and helping fight inflation. It’s a way larger problem than just simply a supply issue though.

Inflation happens when people have nothing to spend gold on, with full rosters. I’m currently sitting on 450k gold, and don’t need to buy anything. It’s not harder to get into lobbies. “No new content in 2 months” Booohooo…wow goes on content draughts for 6-8 months.

Maybe but you have to assume those people still playing it religiously enjoy that the B.M.W. crowd is now gone and they don’t have to listen to them anymore.

I am certainly waiting for them to finally keep to their promises and move on in LA too.

Face it OP, this game is a waste of time and never was meant to last more than a year in the west.


Idk, i quit in the first two months of release and came back last month.

Imo games improved, specifically that being past a specific threshold in T3 feels good - and it’s way easier to get there with the honing buff.

Sure that honing buff has caused issues with bots, but I’m much happier having alts sitting at 1370 with very little investment rather than sitting in T2 or 1310 because of honing rates.


  • Inflation? Sure. Just play around it and play smart, it was gunna happen no matter what.
  • Content? The game was never rich with content, whether its abyss/legion now, or guardians in T1 and T2, it’s the same thing over and over. It’s like warframe, if you don’t enjoy the base gameplay you’re gunna have a bad time.
  • AH empty? Imo i’ve seen enough stuff, 5x3 isn’t that big of a deal atm. Its being blown out of proportion by meta andys. We are already likely going to be overgearing kakul.

Imagine having to play the game.
I ran 8 characters through T1 and T2 last month, but then again I enjoy the base gameplay so it wasn’t unenjoyable :person_shrugging:

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compare you stating out in the game vs me with 1500 hours who has cleared all content and now basically just has homework every week and is required to raid for gold because the inflation makes buying accessories impossible

and running t1-2 8 times isnt content lmao

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I disagree, funny how different opinions can exist right?

When did you ever expect to not have to raid for gold?

Run, run as far as you can and stay away from this game. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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lmao ima be honest idk why im speaking to someone that basically just started the game. Clearly you dont understand the aspects of the game like how inflation works, what is considered content etc

Game only piece of content in 3 months was release of pet farm that is completly useless, thats all.
But thats ok because I can kill Valtan for my 152 time and do my 12 character playing t1 and t2 :slight_smile:

Lol what? You literally complained about having to raid for gold and you’re claiming I don’t understand the game? Kappa.

Welcome to MMORPGs, content is slow to release. Let me know when you find an MMORPG with a 3 month content release schedule.

Game is goin down now pretty fast, losing like 1k players per day since Juli.
New players and returners just get outgated by other players and to get the right stuff in AH costs a fortune or isnt even possible to get.
Logged in 4 times the past 10 days and get intantly bored.
Wasting my time with Indie games till something interesting goes online.

wow doesnt have already finished created content where you have to wait till the publisher decides when you get it

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