Can’t load into the game

I can’t load into the game. I’m stuck on the loading screen.

(NA west) Server: mari
Character Name: Starrie
Location stuck on: [Open Seas] Sea of Gienah


| would recommend to check your Lost Ark files through a Steam repair check. Some files might be damaged, if that didn’t help please uninstall the game install the game.

I hope your issue will be solved by doing this.

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Ok i will try that!

Sorry actually, could it still be related to the files? As im able to still log into my other accounts?

Hi @ShelShel Welcome to the Forum! :lion:

I hope you’re having a great day and I’m sorry that you experience this issue with your game.

Following the recommendation that @InochiEsDi provide to you we can check the Steam files just to make sure is not a damage file that is causing this issue with your game.

Also I’m going to move your character back to a safe zone in just a moment. :sparkles:


if a corrupted file cause you to be stuck in a certain area, then it has something to do with the files.

Could have multi factors, but where did you log-out?

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im having the same issue atm , customer support helped me move to new map cuz rothun portal is full of bots and couldnt even enter to go to glass lake but now i cant even log in … cant connect to game

Na West - bergstrom
character name is Aznsx

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Okay, and thank you

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I was in Shushire, i clicked on sail and i was in the loading screen for sea of Gienah when it stopped loading for me and i crashed out

@Huey_Aznsx & @ShelShel I relocated your characters back to Prideholme but please before opening the game let’s check the Steam files and let me know if it works! :sparkles: :man_mage: :woman_mage:


ok thankyou i will do the steam check now but most likely i will be in the massive que soon as i log back in :frowning: i will keep you updated . thankyou


I checked the steam files, there were 2 files that failed to validate and will reacquired. I gave it a couple minutes and checked again and it said that all files are validated. I’m in queue and will update if i am able to load in or not. Thanks for the help!


yay thankyou it worked :slight_smile: i can now play the game again but i dont think i can progress through the story line still with those bots at rothun portal i just returned there and i still cant move to next map sadly :frowning: - same bots still here since i couldnt play from few hrs ago

The same problem also occurs in Glass Lotus Lake.I’m in Rothun this map,but i can’t go next map.This issue has existed for at least 24 hours.I can’t do my mission!!! There is full of bots!!! Can you move my character to glass lake?I can’t go to the new map by myself.

Na West - bergstrom
character name is Gutsll

my bro ,I went shopping yesterday,it still not fixed now, we talked for a long time yesterday,I’m sorry about this,good luck to you

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hey man good to see u again . i had my character move to glass lake and than i couldnt log back in after . so lyon moved me back to pridehome and now im able to play again lol

i hope i can go to the glass lake,i have nothing to do now :cry:

If lyon handles my role, do I need to go offline?

Thank you for all the updates @Huey_Aznsx & @1024026567 , unfortunately the only place that I can move your characters is back to Prideholme.

In this case @1024026567 if you are stuck and you want me to move your character I need you to disconnect for a moment. :sparkles:

Regarding this issue with the bots I recommend to report them all and from my end I’m going to submit a feedback to the team.

No, thanks. The only place I want to go is glass lake,I’ll give you a list of bots,please wait a moment,thanks again.

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