Can a CM give some update if possible on 3 day gold hold?

I get the 3 day hold to prevent charge backs and what not, but is there any update on this system? Maybe a secondary verification to help legitimate players get their gold? Mokoko event, swiping the card, etc is really annoying when you can’t spend your gold when you want to.

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this is the main reason for the blue crystals to be expensive they will keep it this way for a while … and till they do though i wont use this damn exchange crap

Yeah ngl dude i don’t know what the heck they expect this 3days gold hold system gonna do. But i do know that some whale just stop straight up selling the Royal Crystal thank to that. Now look at NAW crystal exchange rate. It’s already 2500gold/95 crystal. MEANWHILE look at the Korean server, they have so much gold income compare to us (also 1 year older), and they sitting around 3000 gold/95 crystal. What The Heck Amazon ??

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I very much doubt that removal of the 3 day gold hold is going to fix the BC prices. Those are driven more by inflation and gold value. Sure its got a little responsibility but more is due to inflation as gold has LESS value these days since everyone has more gold and gold gaining access.

The 3 day gold hold doesn’t mean that gold isn’t usable. Its still usable for honing, and anything outside of trading essentially and is used FIRST. Whales I’ve talked to just keep extra gold on hand for those impulse purchases instead now and just buy like they always do when they buy something (essentially they are pre-buying the items already).


Yeah u just said it yourself. Its got a little responsibility for it.Be serious, we all know what the main reason for this much gold inflation and it been like this ever since bot get access to 1370 powerpass/honing buff. So, since we can’t ask AGS to get their lazy ass up to do something about the big thing (RMT + Bot). I’ll just ask for the removal of little thing instead

Again its not only bots either.

REAL players have access to a LOT more gold gaining options AND more players are getting to the point where even their ALTs are generating a lot of income for them now.

Lets backtrack all the way to when Valtan came out.
A 6 man roster was generatlly a 1445 Main with maybe a 1370 or 2 alt and rest were 1340s.
That roster generated roughly 20k gold and there wasn’t THAT many at that point. A lot fo casuals were still not even AT Valtan

These days, everyone pretty much has a 1460+, a few 1415/1445s and 1370s
This roster can easily generates 40k gold now weekly when you start factoring in driving busses and taking busses. And theres a LOT more people now. Its not hard to see the Crystal price tripling over when it was JUST valtan.

Omfg dude. Of course the blue crystal exchange price will getting higher and higher over time. Because let say1-2 month ago. Average people make 10k PER WEEK. Now they make 40k-50k PER WEEK so ofc it gonna raise. Then how about u explain to me how the hell our crystal exchange rate almost caught up to Korean meanwhile their AVERAGE KR Player made like x5-x6 gold per week compare to our Average Player then ?. Oh and explain to me why before Maharaka Event Patch. The crystal exchange rate is 400 gold / 95 crystal, and then LITERALY 2 DAYS AFTER THAT PATCH, bot flood in with honing buff/1370 powerpass. The exchange rate straight up go to 1300-1400gold/95 crystal ?. Did i ever said only bot + rmt + 3 days gold hold did this to our exchange rate ?. i said if they do something about it (bot + rmt + 3 days gold hold) the rate will reduce, i didn’t ask for the old day 400g/95 crystal rate wtf man ??

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Looking at the graph for exchange now, its been a pretty steady climb since mid July when , not this “sudden jump”. What released mid july. OMG gasp the growth support buff which everyone was essentially able to bring their characters up to 1370 for nearly free AND get a free valtan character out of it. It wasn’t no sudden OVERNIGHT jump. And vykas had ONLY came out 2 weeks prior.

More people getting more gold and as more gold accumulated into the economy, the less value gold becomes.

This is why yes bots and the 3 day have affected it but not to the extent people are making it out to be. Even if both would remove. Crystal price woudl probably at MOST drop by 25-35%… The days being <1000 are long gone.

Holyshjt why hell u keep pin point to the “more ppl get more gold → less gold value” EVERYBODY KNOW IT WHAT THE FUCK ?.So u saying, all these massive bot running around u, which they’re 1370 (AND CAN DO ARGOS + 2 ABYSS DUNGEON FOR A LOT OF GOLD BTW, not like “weak” bot before) have nothing to do with gold inflation is it? . And banning bots (which AGS did quite a good job / or the chinese bot owner just stop botting idfk before Marahaka Event Patch) will not reduce the crystal exchange rate ?
I don’t ask for the freaking <1000 rate day, I ASK FOR REDUCE, because after all looking at this exchange rate compare to Kr hurt my god damn soul, how that sound ?

Sigh, some people just can’t understand basic economics 101.

Simple terms:
Do Bots Affect Crystal Prices - Yes
Does the 3 Day hold Affect Crystal Prices - Also Yes
Would removing one or both of these completely fix the problem - No not even close.

Its no cause they are NOT the main drivers of the exchange rate. The exchange rate is HEAVILY influenced by the value of gold. It is ALSO affected by the suppy and DEMAND for Blue crystals and since a lot of whales are more on break for later content the less are actually spending royals., the demand is higher since MORE PEOPLE have MORE characters (alts) that need blue crystals to buy pheons to upgrade their gear to earn MORE money. Since there a higher demand on blue crystals, the higher the price goes.

But i mean if it makes you feel better, just keep thinking that bots and the 3day hold is the main cause of the blue crystal prices.

Lol seriously, everybody around u understand the basic economics 101. Just you have problem reading other ppl word to know what they saying. This is the 3rd time i’m telling u. (Lol probably should stop reply to u anymore since apparently look like u just straight up don’t read ppl msg)

  • Holyshit i know (Bot + RMT + 3 Days hold) are NOT the only reason for exchange rate to get this high. But if they remove it, did the exchange rate getting reduce FOR A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME ? - YES . then that what i’m asking for.
    Can’t believe i still have enough sanity to reply with some thickhead who think he’s better than anyone like u lolol

If I remember correctly, and please correct me if I’m wrong

The whole point of this 3 day stuff was because of the insane amount of chargebacks happening from RMT with stolen credit cards

Not only were legitimate accounts and cards being used, but also people who have never played the game were having their stuff hacked into

This lead to two problems: 1. Credit Card companies don’t like having a lot of chargebacks and (this is a rumor now) it seemed like SG had to step in and do something before these companies said “yeah you’re not gonna be able to process cards anymore if this keeps up”

and 2. The accounts in question this happened to were banned, some perma some not

This also led people who have never even installed the game being given a message saying “welp, you can’t play anymore forever, sorry”

Something needed to be done because it was getting out of control (hence the super low BC prices we all experienced), so the 3 day hold was initiated

It seems to be working at keeping chargebacks at bay, but it seems like it was just a bandaid for the problem while they come up with a more “permanent” solution

…or this is the permanent solution, who knows

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What released in July? The 3 day hold on blue crystal exchange LMAO

Yeah I asked them shortly after this was implemented if they were planning on replacing this with something else at some point and received no response. So who knows what they’re planning on doing. This is extremely punishing to actual players though and also somewhat encourages people to buy gold from third party sites. Honestly it creates more problems than it solves (Although the problems that it does solve are probably more serious for them - some one has to pay those chargeback fees and they can get pretty expensive)

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Correct, but the problem is AGS never finds a permanent solution to any of their bandaid fixes. They don’t even view 3 day hold as an issue last time I asked about it

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Yeah and I guarantee AGS has no idea because SG hasn’t told them anything

I became a casualty to this 3 day hold the other day when I was willing to buy the gold to buy a really good piece I needed for my 5x3

Didn’t have enough, poof it went

Plus summer and the robo skins right now are weaking havoc on the market and people wanna sell those to get more gold than exchange

Is just a mess

no they don’t care.


anything that has to do with bot control is 100% set in stone and will never change.

asking a CM to give you a response is just asking for the usual “too bad it’s here to stay” reply.

I mean thats what essentially they have said, its useless to keep harping about pheons when they are not going anywhere. If you dont like the system, nothing is stopping one from clicking the uninstall button. Theres been plenty of time to get used to the system since its been in place since launch. With out long its been a thing in KR, the few vocal minority aint going to change that fact.

Lost ark was designed with the korean account system in mind so they never had to bother about having major systems in place for bots , so unless people are ready for something of that level to be integrated to the NA/EU this is the only option they got.

And i STILL haven’t bought any gold from f4 shop since this change. I do want to thank AGS/SG for allowing me to compose myself and to not impulsively buy gold to get that GG accessory thats posted for cheap thats a bit out of my gold budget. Taught me how to save and be patient, thanks AGS.