Can a MOD clarify please

    • Class balance updates to the Berserker, Destroyer, Scrapper, Soulfist, Glaivier, Artillerist, Sharpshooter, Gunslinger, Machinist, and Arcanist .

As tedious as it is seeming. Will Summoner be the updated balance patch version or will we be playing the old summoner?

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The paragraph you quoted is in november update, BEFORE the summoner arrives, so thats probably why they dont have to add there the notes. No summoner yet, no no patchers for her!

Summoner comes in December, and as Destroyer etc, Im 100% its the updated version.

There’s a thread here someone made about Gunlancer not being included on the list, even though they’re getting a very important Bash update that should come with the balance patch

I think that needs to 100% be clarified on


you are playing wrong game. AGS and SG are top class in not to give straight answer ever.

Only on matters related to revenue. Class releases, battlepass, gold being removed from content, and so on.

they’ll give a good answer to the gunlancer issue i’m sure.

probs didnt mention it cos its literally one line or half a line a single change to the bash the other classes get their overall dmg or kit pumped up or pushed down not to mention they never really give us details of every single change they make in the patch

Summoner will be the updated version :slight_smile:


Thanks roxx, i was panicking

Will we also be getting the new shadowhunter form with the balance update that arrives in november, and if so will we finally get the version that the community wants or atleast will we be able to choose?