Can AGS be A LITTLE more specific with their ban reasons so that misinformation and panic can be handled properly by the community?

First of all, I will continue to do buses on all my characters (Argos, Valtan and Vykas). I have spent about more than USD$3000 in this game and if they do ban me for just buses then I’ll just gladly quit the game and spend my money elsewhere.

Second of all, I’ve seen that regardless of botting, RMT or (cheating?), they are all under the same category. Why can’t AGS be a little more specific with the types of ban without disclosing too much information that users can manipulate and calculate the ‘ban threshold’.

It makes no sense to ban someone without letting them know the reason as well. Sure, SS can be edited but why not just slap someone in their face with the offences they did?

Instead, we get a widespread community panic on buses and unreasonable bans.

If they are banned for RMT → give them a RMT ban reason.
If they are banned for botting/using illegal 3rd party programs → give them a Botting/Cheating ban reason.

It also helps customer support to filter false bans easier.

I’m not sure why AGS has such atrocious management team. I will never understand how they can be one of the richest companies in the world.


Yeah this is one of the bigger flaws of their process.

They’re confused on where and how obfuscation should be used. They are blanket obfuscating so RMT’ers dont profile their rationale but then obfuscating the picture to players on systems that should be reliable in game.

Honestly because they themselves havent drawn that definition and arent sure where those lines should actually be or because they arent agreed on how it should be defined.

Also gold threshold magnitudes will likely change over time aswell as the economy is expected to expand.

They won’t. Most games especially Korean MMOs seem to think by giving the players information on why they got banned, some person will find out how they got tracked and easily break through the system with said information. Instead of being like Riot and showing you exactly why you got banned. It’s a shitty system and they have no obligation to tell anyone shit. With obvious problems they don’t want to troubleshoot if it can easily be broken like that. Been happening like this across MMOs for years.

Then you get this weird shit with “prove your innonence” is almost impossible unless you record every single second of your time spent on the game. I don’t know why this is the first time I’ve ever seen this in a game, but that crap is incredibly strange.

Support and CMs have massive communication issues and it just seems like a massive internal issue where the teams on the inside don’t actually talk to or inform each other of anything. This probably isn’t just between Support and CMs either. It’s probably a massive issue across the board for this company. This stuff is really annoying and being lucky in this game at any point is no longer being lucky, because maybe your “luck” will get you scuffed or time spent.

Some people will act like this shit is black and white, like so & so did this forsure or did that for sure when no one, but the player banned and the business/publisher/owner has the information on the ban and in some situations the player might not even know what they did.

I’m not on either side. I just don’t like a lack of information. It’s stupid as hell. It’s a shitty anime troupe moment when people don’t speak up especially when they should no matter how important the information is.


because they are technically the same thing?
There’s no need to be more specific
Maybe streamers should be honest with the community over why they have been banned and not lie to make themselves look good and others look bad


I think you are bang on (correct) with this @ShadeNightz

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No. Just use common sense. Stop trying to provide RMTers loopholes to get around a ban.

When in doubt, don’t participate in it.


Partially, AGS seems to think you cant get the information but you can easily request your own GDPR data which already gives an insight on how everything works.

AGS is just delaying the inevitable hoping people once again forget everything that happened.

But yeah, theres a massive disconnect between AGS and the community, CM’s included.


In short: The conclusion after seemingly endless “what if” scenarios is that it’s just a bad idea and therefore the very insignificant and minor aspect of someone finding peace in that small piece of information just isn’t worth it, and it’s not even near

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Feels like right now they’re just copy paste replies then ignore any future appeals from the same user. Then everyone goes on the forums to ask for more info and the ripple keeps getting larger and larger to the point where non-banned players start feeling it

My personal experience/ reading forums it feels like → Live chat can’t talk about ban/ appeals, continue to tell players to submit appeals, most appeals get a generalized bot reply, players go on forums to complain, CM tell players to submit more appeals. The cycle continues until the player eventually gives up and people forget and move on.


This position is so throughly incomplete - and thats part of the issue.

1, When it comes to games and gaming defining the boundaries and game systems is key.
2. Poorly defined and compromised systems will draw issues with people seeking enjoyment of various forms.
3. You might say “well just play the game for the fun that it is” but thats exactly what bussers, raiders, people picking up cool BiS pieces, early adopters and front runners are trying to do aswell. And they arent the minority. These are valid forms of play.
4. Grabbing high prices where you can get them isnt an issue, and the “common sense” of it needs to come through reasonably defined rules, which AGS totally isnt providing.
5. They need to invoke the core of the ruleset to the common middle of intelligence, and the issues currently faced are through a rather unintelligent set of communications, rules and boundaries.
6. You dont need to set the game up for geniuses, nor make it the home of simpletons - as thats not appealing to most people.


Live chat doesnt have the tools to unban or help people, its outsourced. All they can do is forward it to 3 different tickets who all have different priorities, V-ticket being the highest, though they might not even help you if you have that one. As i still never heard back about mine which had about 22 refund cases connected to it back in March.
(Refunds which they have no system for either like other mmo’s do have)

Theres also the issue where if your (game) account gets banned you cant post in the forums anymore, as its all connected.

And then theres the issues you mentioned, people make a new account, post their story to the forums, get scolded by ignorant people who have no clue whats going on. And the CM’s direct them to a malfunctioning appeal system.

All around their system doesn’t work.


And they are not getting banned, so I don’t see the issue here.


Just because not enough people hit a trigger in their system or you personally havent experienced it doesn’t mean there isnt an issue.

But its hard to grasp the severity if you haven’t dealt with their systems (bans specifically) personally.

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But they are, and then the wholly stupid part is the ban challenge process. Used to take a rather short amount of time is turning into a thorough farce.

They’re not, unless you’re referring to that streamer, or the bogus stories and screenshots that people have been posting on the forums the past couple of days.


Imagine putting in 2000+ hours, raiding weekly, doing your dailies diligently and then getting players reporting you for your efforts Buying from the auction house can get you flagged/ banned? - #27 by emansky000

Edit: Buying from the auction house can get you flagged/ banned? - #26 by twiztid213 also heres another guy that reports anyone who shouts selling/ busing in area chat

If I know the appeal system is well structured and an overall smooth process. This doesn’t fear me. But as it is right now, might as well hide your gems, hide your glow, live in your stronghold and never use area chat

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Lets leave it at that as we’ll only rehash whats already been said in many many threads.

Whats clear is that contradiction comes through from all comms - whether Roxx or the ban rationales. You’ll turn away good and genuine / intelligent gamers if you present that way. Its true “common sense” to not do that.

How about people that gotten banned for playtime over 4-500hours, buying skins on the market that gotten refunded, or refunds out of their control (which i dealt with personally for 40-50 cases)

This is just the next thing on the list of issues which will continue to pop up if there isnt a change in mentality and fix to their automated systems.

Lets say those 2 cases were indeed fabricated, im willing to bet there still are cases where people haven’t even posted there story to the forum.
Also in Alans case (bussing for 500k) that case still stands and there is another case where the combined sum (5.6mil) of buying and selling gotten another person banned.

Like i said earlier, values of gold dont matter at all, everyone will eventually hit the trigger in their sytem, especially if its triggered by tainted (recieved) RMT gold.

For a CM to then come out with no info at all and saying ‘Just trust me bro’ sorry but you have to earn my trust first after that many screw-ups.


Honestly, I want to know if the CM/ mods ever played lost ark or even cleared any of the endgame raids. Because at least I know the people handling ban appeals/ crucial matters aren’t outsiders that have 0 clue about the game and know how things actually function


They have literally spelled it out over and over again.

Don’t RMT and you won’t get banned.

People who say otherwise are simply lying. Catch on already.

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