Can AGS be A LITTLE more specific with their ban reasons so that misinformation and panic can be handled properly by the community?

Just do it, and while your at it, ask for a few millions dollars as compensation.

Their system keep banning legit people that use the market to make gold and they seems to simply don’t care at all. Until someone take action against them, they won’t lift a single finger.

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They are using automation to ban people.
The algorythm is for every 100k mailed/received from an auction or gem sell in x period of time = 1 month added to the sentence.
Case an point i was banned for 5 years or for buying 5.6m in RMT gold.
5.6m/100k = 56 months 56 months x12 is 4.6 years.

After i was unbanned, i was re-banned by the same system for 690k - 5% sales tax in level 10 gem sales that happened while i was banned.
New time frame feb 8 2023 which is 6 months from the date of the re-ban on august 8th. Email response we found your account received 655.4k gold from RMT gold sellers.

Case an point, they are using a automated system to flag high gold sells prob mostly on Gems and not filtering that its level 10 gems. So my 5.6m in gem transactions flagged me an then when they found me innocent i had 3 gem sales pending in my mail from the previous flag an guess what happened when i logged in =]

Thus amazon is using an automated system and a bad one. while this is fine and i think it truely will help the game if they get it working properly. however this process of having to deal with AGS support and getting automated responses at 3 am in the morning with the same reply, needs to be improved, they also refuse to talk to you at all on the phone or though email, you just get copy pasta responses and never any evidence.


Rofl players are having to actively do experiments to figure out how Amazon’s Ban Bot works. This is sad but way too funny.

Players or RMTers? If “players” just played the game like normal people, then they wouldn’t have anything to worry about.

So you mean every person complaining about false ban here is lying and Roxx was also lying? :joy:
Such a big assumption lol.

Yeah sure, normal players never get hit.

Yeah but League of Legend isn’t plague with RMT… if you were ban in league there a high chance you should not type as much in the chats… this is a bad comparison

People praising Riot Game … the copium we have inhale on the forum these past few days are insane

No the panic came from somebody posting a FAKED screenshot alleging they were banned for a 2.3k gold argos bus.

The Alan and level 10 gem situation are separate unique issues that aren’t related to people being banned for selling busses at normal prices or using the ah in a normal way.

The whole concern is “will I be banned for RMT if I do not cheat but somehow end up with an RMT cheater buying a bus from me or a BiS relic accessory?”

Roxx has said the answer to this is NO.

And I actually haven’t seen any legitimate players claiming this is happening on bussing discords that are full of people selling busses on multiple characters every week (and some of their payments are likely commingled with RMT gold but no bans).

False bans can and will happen but the idea that a lot of people are being banned for receiving a 2k argos bus payment from an RMT cheater is false and not happening.

No. There will be people who do unordinary things like buy/sell items in the auction house with the purpose to move large amounts of gold between characters or friends. This is obviously not what the auction house is intended to be used for if you know what an auction house is. Doing things not for their intended purpose can flag you despite you not being involved with RMT.

If you do happen to get banned, all you need to do is submit an appeal so that your account will be looked into. If you’re innocent, you’ll be unbanned and hopefully learn to use functions of the game for their intended purpose.


i uhh wonder sometimes too

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Made my day :rofl:

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I’ve not read every answer you’ve got, but isn’t that quite irrelevant?

I mean if I’m guilty i probably know why i got banned. If many things could be the reason i definitely know why i got banned.

If I’m innocent i usually dont care for the specific reason. All i would want is to get rid of the ban. (That would only change if my appeal got denied)

Most appeals get denied even with a false ban.

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They’re one of the richest companies because they hire people who have no clue what theyre doing and pay them nothing.

Ahh risky topic. I seriously dont know anyone that got falsely banned or more precisly i dont know anyone that got banned.
But i would be slow to call anyones ban a false ban. There probably is a huge number of RMTer and each one of them wants their account back… (same goes for false bans) I feel sorry for all that got banned falsly but i dont believe anyone that say so and try to convince me with a snipping tool picture that has a pretty strange layout :sweat_smile:

How would someone convince you that they never broke the ToS? It’s basically impossible to prove your innocence, so we are relying on AGS to be infallible.

There were other things league not just people trash talking. Instances of trolling, scripting and the like. Not really a bad comparison when they can just bring up in game logs and happenings and show you exactly what you did. They could easily do the same shit here, instead of someone having to go through the data that you can apparently request at any time based on another response to my post. Not really Copium, but it shuts people the fuck up when they get banned and are shown evidence rather then vague messages. The only real difference is people just buy new accounts if it was some trash or low value account on the League side. Like I said if your systems are so underdeveloped for player bans and the like that you can’t show literally anything because it’ll give the enemy “a leg up” on you then there is an entirely different problem here.

“Plagued by RMT” isn’t a real excuse for not explaining punishments properly.

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For the case of RMT for the most part you can prove a bit. If you were selling the item for the average market price. I cant find a case where anyone in any of the discords or guild i am in has been banned for selling an acc at market value no matter how high it is. Now if you are selling a ring that normally goes for 500g for 50k you can not explain that away youre gonna get banned. Same with busses you would have a history of similar transactions that you can explain. I dont think AGS is very competent but they arent just banning anyone who has rmt gold in an account as much more people would be banned.

In-game messaging is definitely poor right now – we have a request out to get this improved and fixed.


Wait I just started reading. There was like 5 messages, now they’re all gone?