Can AGS be A LITTLE more specific with their ban reasons so that misinformation and panic can be handled properly by the community?

They’re one of the richest companies because they hire people who have no clue what theyre doing and pay them nothing.

Ahh risky topic. I seriously dont know anyone that got falsely banned or more precisly i dont know anyone that got banned.
But i would be slow to call anyones ban a false ban. There probably is a huge number of RMTer and each one of them wants their account back… (same goes for false bans) I feel sorry for all that got banned falsly but i dont believe anyone that say so and try to convince me with a snipping tool picture that has a pretty strange layout :sweat_smile:

How would someone convince you that they never broke the ToS? It’s basically impossible to prove your innocence, so we are relying on AGS to be infallible.

There were other things league not just people trash talking. Instances of trolling, scripting and the like. Not really a bad comparison when they can just bring up in game logs and happenings and show you exactly what you did. They could easily do the same shit here, instead of someone having to go through the data that you can apparently request at any time based on another response to my post. Not really Copium, but it shuts people the fuck up when they get banned and are shown evidence rather then vague messages. The only real difference is people just buy new accounts if it was some trash or low value account on the League side. Like I said if your systems are so underdeveloped for player bans and the like that you can’t show literally anything because it’ll give the enemy “a leg up” on you then there is an entirely different problem here.

“Plagued by RMT” isn’t a real excuse for not explaining punishments properly.

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For the case of RMT for the most part you can prove a bit. If you were selling the item for the average market price. I cant find a case where anyone in any of the discords or guild i am in has been banned for selling an acc at market value no matter how high it is. Now if you are selling a ring that normally goes for 500g for 50k you can not explain that away youre gonna get banned. Same with busses you would have a history of similar transactions that you can explain. I dont think AGS is very competent but they arent just banning anyone who has rmt gold in an account as much more people would be banned.

In-game messaging is definitely poor right now – we have a request out to get this improved and fixed.


Wait I just started reading. There was like 5 messages, now they’re all gone?

Purging everything to hide things you don’t like is exactly how you do not hide things. Welcome to the Streisand effect bby.

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Ya I’m Causing a massive uproar.

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wait you’re still talking about their appeal system being fair? Funny how you never got banned and making these claims like you have experience with them XD

So I was wondering what happened to the 2 players who was talking about their concerns over the game. They had their posts deleted and just stopped commenting. Found that to be a little strange. [Edit] Went to their profiles and saw that they both were suspended for 12 days.

[Edit] Removed both their profile screenshots incase they didn’t want it shared.

It is a public forum, maybe I came too late but the brief few minutes I was reading they did not say anything offensive or hateful. Why are players getting censored and suspended for voicing their concerns?

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Here you go, but yeah dissent apparently.

Find it more annoying for Blue though since he didnt even say anything and just responded.

But i already took it up to higher, as in my eyes i havent said anything which wasnt true i stand behind what i said and will keep doing so, moderation is not a tool for a personal vendetta.

This is my account before i had to deal with everything in March.


Were either one of those posters the one that posted the thread with the fake/altered email screenshot claiming they were banned for a 2.3k argos bus.

The post was deleted yesterday so I don’t remember who the OP was that initially posted the fake screenshot but I believe both of those posters were in that thread.

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Usually when people say something worth a suspension it is deleted and removed. That would be why you don’t see it.

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No, it was never about those fabricated screenshots, it was the thread where bmkerr showed a video of his email that got removed that had alot of info. I pushed back against the removal of that as its unneccesary.

Then posts got swiped here aswell when i called them out on it for not standing with the community that lead to my other account being suspended.


@Roxx Hello CM Roxx,
Would you kindly reconsider the suspension on our friend @Bluecogs, he literally helped hundreds of players in the support category on forums in a very detailed fashion, he is a stellar in the community, and he is only criticising the systems, scripts and not employees or anything, because he is caring and loves the game and the community and wants it to succeed. We all believe you are a kind CM with a big heart and we trust in your reconsideration. Thank you very much.


Yep and im having to deal with these clowns though chat an email and honestly im sick of it. they refuse to let me speak to someone.

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WOW, they banned “bluecogs”
He/she is one of the more intelligent posters on this forum
Good grief, what has this place come too


I know your frustration, i dealt with it aswell. Thats why i stand behind what i said.
Sucks that i was replying to someone else who spent 7k and is dealing with the same thing.
(No idea how and what for him/her but cases like that say alot)

Its the same freaking crap, Honestly im just going to contact a lawyer.
The way im being treated, the lack of communication, even amazon who i called said they cant contact AGS only email and web ticket. I asked to speak to managers or supervisors the chat says they cant do that, I ask to be contacted or provided evidence they say they cant provide it, at this point they are withholding information or currently have no evidence and are just auto decline the appeal without looking at anything that is said.

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