Can amazon games fix the pheon prices for ability stones too ?!?

why are stones costing 9 pheones which is 3000 gold when the stones price is 50g it does not make sense to me … either lower the price for pheon price of the stones or lower the cost of the pheon prices with blue crystals :confused:

Stone price will be 3050 gold if it wouldn’t cost any pheons.

devs want their cut

Stones price will go higher if they reduce the pheon cost.
If pheon cost is 0 for every stone that means:

A stone that used to cost 5k gold (+ pheons) will now cost 5k (+ the equivalent gold we used to waste on pheons) so nothing will change.

The only reason why some stones are cheap and cost like 100g it’s because pf the pheons fee.

at least lower it man its too expensivo even for shitty rocks

You know rocks will just go up 2000-4000g right?

Telling AGS to fix something that was created by SG is like yelling at the cashier that prices are too high. It’s not the cashiers decision and it won’t go away cause the koreans pay for it and they print the most money for SG.