Can Amazon handle auction house scripts?

when I want to buy gems, stage 3 level 1 gems are always bought by some script right off the shelf, every time I buy it the item doesn’t exist, they use the low price to buy the gems synthetically and sell them again to make the difference and sell the gold afterwards, Amazon have you not noticed this thing, do you never deal with the auction house scripts?@roxx @OminousOnion

It could be other people trying to do the same - make profit from gems. They are just faster. Should AGS start penalizing people for doing that? Do you want to be punished for refreshing AH to get those gems?

Market is full of scripters and botters. None of them ever gets banned. I literally saw ZERO people getting banned for market scripts.

An average scripter makes around 300-500k gold per week by flipping standard stuff

Sadly it is very hard to see cheaters getting punished in this game

People keep crying about legendary engravings but these low level gems are what is ruining the game

Arkpass / Thronespire gives tons of gems and bots sell these. And these scripters make a lot of gold by buying these without giving a single care making bots rich. They should all be banned

there are some players who profit from this, but is this a reasonable way to make a profit if the market allows it and if scripts are used?players profit from the market, which is determined by the market, but gaining gold through scripts creates rmt, which would not be prohibited if Amazon did not deal with the scripts or plan the market

any proof?

i’m curious to see a video of that

proof of what? check the obvious forums that ToS breakers use to share their tools and experiences if you are that curious.

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No, there are scripted players, Chinese forum sharing auction house script to auto snipe items within 0.5s if they are put on AH at certain prices. No legit human can outsnipe them even using macro. I’ve been doing this strat by buying gem cheap and reselling at higher price and profit at least 40k gold a day, if it wasnt for these bots snipping then it would been much more

you have a link?

Jeah obviously amazon should ban every player who wants to buy the same item op wants…

Cause it would be unfair that other players gets the item before op /s

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lul you guys are so naive to think that auction house script doesnt exist, if my friend can even make an auto typing script for vykas to have script auto complete 6 letter typing in 0.2s then making a script to auto snipe item in Auction house isnt that hard also either and the bigger issue is that neither of vykas auto typing script and auction house script uses 3rd party software so it cant be detected easily

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Sure there might be scripts doing it, but what makes you think those aren’t being banned? Like I said, there are people who are just refreshing AH looking for those gems legit way, because they have the same idea that OP does. This could be the reason why he is having a hard time sniping those juicy targets. I’m not saying that this is certainly the case, but it could be.

Of course it would be nice if CM told us if they ban those scripts.

btw. your friend script failed in the first attempt, because it found only 7 letters and if it wasn’t the last one that it missed then I suspect he failed the test completely.

You clearly havent tried to camp the AH to understand, no normal human can snipe an item within 0.5s the momment you click on the item its already gone with a notice saying that the item that you are purchase has been sold or no longer exist etc, even if you preemptively clicking on it, the fastes you can get is to the bidding screen and for a split milisecond it will be close and you get a notice saying that an item has been purchased or no longer existed. Surely if you have a macro to to click on the instant buy button and preemptively clicking on the cheapest item on slot 1 sure you ahve a chance but even then the chance is still slim vs these scripts

and no its not a fail, normal typing test where you have 0 lust meter has 7 letters, that one was the example of not having 0 lust meter resulting harder mode with extra letter and 3s less time and the script still manage to clear the typing test because he streamed it, it worked flawlessly on day 1 of vykas and hes been using it until now dozen more players have made similar scripts of the same thing and non of them are banned in our discord channels, they even have scripts to auto alert merchants selling what without needing to use lostmerchant websites to help seeing which merchant spawn and selling what

It’s true and there are multiple people (and threads) noticing that. Even if you use one yourself the person with the better ping will outsnipe you. So it is almost impossible to grab opportunities nowdays