Can Amazon hire a GM/s to ban bots in game?

If No? why (maybe they can’t afford etc…)? if Yes, then Bot problem solve! (just like the old days)


Roxx explained it pretty well here

It just wouldnt be a cost effective solution not to mention the logistics side of it would be a nightmare.

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Sure, its more cost effective to let them be.
They do not even have one person doing this, so what is the point of this essay, lmao.

Why they wanna put GM in every zone? Only need one in first zone, and a second one that will track the ones already existing.

Nope, but they have :clown_face:, i mean GMs that ban ppl cause they use the name Vibes…


I would say that is automatic ban according to some naming rules applied later on.

read the the post and tell me if you really think is automatic… check op info first.

oh lol :smiley:
This makes it even worse :clown_face:

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:robot: its skynet taking over :robot: abandon hope the reckoning has come :robot: :robot:

I mean loghill on some servers has like 50 channels full of bots im not sure how much of a difference this would actually make. It would at least be nice for morale though… i guess?

The mistake here is they are treating each GM as required to be in game.

You can filter as many Area chats as you want into 1 log file for a GM to watch in real time, with key words or known issues being highlighted.

You could cover 2-3 servers per GM, not per Area.

Write a proper GM toolkit and hire an outsourced customer service company that just sits and watches logs for 8 hours a day banning bots. Within a month you’d have made it so botting is highly unprofitable, especially with any addiitonal security measures you put in place during that time.


Older MMOs before WoW would hire one executive GM who worked on salary for the company with about 20 GMs who were volunteers. You might ask why would someone do this for free?

Well, old MMOs had interactive events. GMs got to orchestrate events and play NPCs as quest givers or even bosses / raids on towns. It was a lot of fun. GMs also got their subscription fee removed from their accounts. The catch of course was you couldn’t play on the same server.

In the end all GMs answered to the executive GM and they gave us a lot of power. /kill commands that worked on players, pulling players to other zones and similar.

The internet is just too toxic to facilitate this type of low funding but effective overhead.

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Brother pay me $15 an hour and I shall sit in Vern for 12 hours and ban bots.


Lol, there would be more GMs than people working on the game :joy:

Lowkey AGS gaslighting with that response, but whatever. That response basically says they don’t know how to fix it and don’t consider it worth the time investment. Oh well, I’ll keep hoping this game stabilizes someday. :clown_face:

(unless of course they’re going to add real analytics that can snapshot clients based on flagged behaviors and events and hire a handful to monitor logs.)

Yeah he explained but do they really take real actions about it? all they done are estimate/s of saying not a viable solution (which they don’t even try at all)… like i said back in a days of mmorpgs GM’s will instantly solve this bot problem, now they just depends of so what you called AI insta ban and statistics report from players. Come on, is this enough solution for responding like this? just 1 GM per server will all it takes!

Yea, that excuse is kinda BS IMO.

I was a GM for Ultima Online and EverQuest. I didn’t have to be in the same zone to track.
Only time I had to zone was to ghost potential hackers which took 5 or so minutes per.

Refunding exp for a wrongful death actually took more time as I’d have to look up the player’s log files then make sure their corpse is out of bounds.

You also don’t have to instant ban bots. You just have to make the input not worth the output.
In other words don’t lets them sit and get to T3 to sell mats. Duh.


this gave me a thought… are people abusing bans by false reporting just like New World?

because the sentence, “People get axed real quickly when reported”

Somehow Blizzard in the beginning also managed to have GMs. Also we shouldnt forget that players are also helping by reporting bots but currently reporting doesnt seem to have an effect at all, with GMs that would/could be a different thing.

I just can remember WoW in the beginning didnt have real bot issues, did they exist somewhere ? Of course but it wasnt a problem, also bots that you had reported would be gone after 30-60 min.

I really fail to see why it was possible in the past but not now, I call bs on it. If botters would know there are GMs there would be less anyways …

Its not about trying to get rid of all bots, that never will work but to such a degree that it doesnt matter anymore much.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the assholes that buy gold from these people stopped? or that AGS had a way to track their accounts and ban them?

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