Can Amazon please do something immediate about the bots?

2 Factor Authentication or simply just hiring more people to monitor and ban the bots or just anything. It is actually depressing to go to earlier regions to either raise an alt or do adventure tome. Every single map, in every single channel, you see a parade of at least 50~100 bots running and teleporting in a single line, Running faster than my character riding a mount. I really like this game, but looking at these bots, it is just depressing and kind of disgusting.

Just have one of your employees play the game from ground up. I mean not only will you see for yourself hundreds/thousands of bots within an hour of playing, but you will quickly see that Area chat is also unusable, plagued with gold sellers. Like what the hell is the company doing?

Literally I get the exact same feeling of spotting a bunch of roaches. For gods sake Amazon, these bots are STEALING from you. Do something that’ll actually fix the problem instead of releasing some press release bragging about banning a million bots. It’s nothing to be proud of. You literally still have a game infested with hordes and hordes of bots and 3rd party gold sellers! Fix the issue please.

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