Can anyone confirm if it is against tos?

Hi guys

I want to hold an event within my guild because I was kinda bored of game.
so it is poker event ( No cash involved free poker game in steam), and I wanted to make participants to bet their Lost ark golds to make things more entertained and serious.

in the end, No cash involved, and a winner will get the equivalent value of lost ark golds as a prize.

My concern is since participants have to send their golds to my account and I will have to send it to a winner. will I be detected as gold seller?
and is it against tos in some way?

edit : pot size will never be more than 1k~2k per person max 6~8 people

I don’t think the actual event will be against ToS BUT you do run a high risk. Basically if the sum of gold being sent to you is large enough the system will flag and your account will be investigated. If ANY of that gold sent to you is discovered to be RMT (IE a guildmate or 2 bought it via RMT) then you would potentially run the risk of getting banned as well as that guildmate. So ask yourself how much you truly trust your guildmates?

hmm I know some did RMT but none of them have done past 1~2 months. cuz people who did actually got banned.

Probably not, however it would be best to have all bets, payouts, and winners mentioned in-game instead of just on stream or discord. At least then you have a paper trail for GMs to look at if you get flagged.

There is nothing in AGS’s ToS or Code of Conduct regarding gambling with in game resources.

The only thing that could be interpreted in this manner is the Code of Conduct’s policy on no scamming.

But given that Amazon does next to or less than nothing regarding scamming, i’m not sure how legitimate this is. But it is there.

If this was Lost Ark KR, if you did scam, your account would be banned so fast.