Can gunslinger skins get some love

Yeah kinda random but hey
I want a scope on my sniper
And to not look like a cowboy or school girl
I’ll pay man but cmon
I probably won’t even be playing this by the time it comes out since we release 1-2 new rehashed skins a month

Pls :pleading_face::pleading_face:

not just the weapon, the skins they’ve been getting as well as the unreleased legendary skin looks like absolute garbage, even the t2 legendary armor looks way better than everything i’ve see so far in terms “skins”.

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Sure. Would you like lingerie option #1 or lingerie option #2? There’s also a cow or dinosaur outfit.

There’s not even a Victoria’s Secret option for gunslingers

Thank you for the feedback regarding gunslinger skins, hosa.

What would be your dream skin for the gunslinger? :eyes:

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Wow thanks for replying :goat::heart:

9:04 , 9:44, and 10:07 are absolutely amazing

Even just as concepts they’re gorgeous

But yeah I’m just into modern personally and I think there’s quite a few gunslinger mains with fps backgrounds so they feel similarly

Either way sorry to sound like a whiny brat :joy:

Those are not even out in Korea and I lost all interest when Deadblade samurai got 2nd place…I agree tho,I don’t like any of the skins we have for any class.

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Forsure and I don’t expect us to get any of those
But there’s similar skins that were released some time ago

I just think we need a change up and gunslinger has received very little variety in skins since launch

my partner says these girls look like that they just had a plastic surgery for chest. looks very fake and unnature.

my partner also says perhaps these girls are doing plastic surgery advertisements for Korean tourism, since lots of ppl believe they are looking natural, which means it was a successful surgery.

Now we just need to wait to hear the girls announce the price.


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No way
She just has great genetics uwu

We’ll get everything ‘‘in time’’ the problem is,the majority of the ppl think ‘‘in time’’ is too long a wait and I agree xD

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I think it’s exagerated and I don’t really like it but tbf they look more natural than surgery,great genetics like our friend said xD

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She gonna have back pain in time … poor girl