Can I also farm?

I like my character and I don’t want to play another one. I want to somehow farm materials without learning another character. F2P looks like this: play with 4 characters or the game becomes gacha.

work energy is roster wide as is trade skill so you can farm mats on one toon only if ud like most ppl do it on all including alts for guild quest reasons

I’m a little confused here. So you want to farm mats for your main character without using any other characters but your main?

You are talking about honing mats right?

i thought he meant trade skill mats cause otherwise doesnt really make sense honing mats can be farmed on your main easily just do all quests and islands for big pay day helpful if you only have one toon ur gearing as well

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also there will be some achievements youll be locked out of as there are some for each class

I got 1370 with 400h and no alts, it’s doable.


tbh that should be an achievement lol not an easy feat so awesome job


No doubt. Give this man a statue made out of Mokoko’s or something. :sunglasses:

That moment when you realize, you ask the OP a question but he doesn’t answer back. So we are left to talk to one another.


You either farm infinite chaos for short term gains. But an alt will outperform this really fast, they just take ages to get to the same tier.

lol and a friendship is born!

depends really if you lvl up your stronghold and main you get some insane honing boosts for t1 and t2 making it much easier to get to t3 i was leaving 3 alts in t2 cause it was more profitable but now with the market crash on sasha server (not sure if every server is experiencing it) its really hard to make gold any tier

Pretty much the only way to farm in this game is T3 infinite chaos dungeons. Everything else you can do eventually reaches a breakpoint where the game doesn’t allow you to continue. I guess guardian raids can as well, but the rewards after your initial two runs are so infinitesimally small that you’re better off mining bitcoin.

Yeah, infinite chaos dungeon is a trial of sanity everyone has to go through.

At +15 it’s like 30mins per one attempt if you use just guardian/destruction shards you get dropped in there.

Ah geez, really? I didn’t know that.

ya go to achievements there are a bunch like reach lvl 50 with each class

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Does it count if you use powerpass?

ya but what you can do is get to 52 on one open up training and do it free that way

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Great idea, thanks!