Can I Be Brutally Honest About Honing?

Lost Ark Honing is Machiavellian at best. A convoluted mess that takes far too many resources.

Think about how many different resources you need:

Silver + Gold + Guardian Stones + Leapstones + Fusion Material +3 different Solar resources + a book… like HOLY FUCK dude… this is such a convoluted, bullshit design.

This was not designed with players in mind, this was designed to suck players dry.

Simplify the goddamn system. Add some adventure and skill level to honing so it’s not just a casino.


This has to be your first “roll gear” type of game. If you played epic seven (from smilegate) you would be praising this system.


It doesnt need simplified. It is not that complicated.


It is not that bad… actually the system as a whole is actually the best honing system around…


indeed, UI is doomed but system itself is realy fine


The UI isn’t that bad either…

Dump energy into an item…
Go into honing…
use boosters…
then see if you succeed or fail…

was more saying like allow us to spam it with more ease, a skip animation button (not a glitch), reduce the amont of clicks needed overall, more like QoL


At this point I’m just tilted every attempt is like 300g + 30k silver. Losing mats is fine, but gold/silver are unsustainable.

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indeed we miss some sources i dont get why they hold all other contents than legion raids so far

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The problem is too many currencies.

They don’t need that many to keep the same honing system and rates.


The problem is they’re horribly balanced.

Like at every stage you have way too many of one and not enough of another one. Then it changes, etc. There are pretty much no stages where your currencies are balanced.

That’s what I’m saying… why do we need so many different resources?

Silver + Gold + Guardian Stones + Leapstones + Fusion Material + Solar Grace + Solar Blessing + Solar Protection + Books… that is 9 resources per attempt + the LOW success rate either way…


I totally agree with you…although I would say that it is more than dog shit…an elephant that is bigger…the fact that other games will have it the same or more difficult does not have to be in all games, they are shitty systems…if not they make games for elitists or perfectionists and not open to everyone in general.


I don’t even understand why people bother going to T2 or T3 when there isn’t any new content to access. Still the same things: Chaos Dungeons, Abyssals, Guardians, etc. Literally the same icons on the map that you interact with. It’s not like there is a new “thing” at T3. Just scaled up versions of the same things that exist at T1.

The only difference is new Dance-Dance-Revolution patterns to learn. It’s not like you get new skills on your skillbar or anything, you beat them the same way - learn the pattern to avoid death, use skills to kill it. Why torture yourself with the Honing system just to do the same thing as at T1?

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Nah, it’s great. Only failed like 15 times already this morning taking 2 items to level 12. :smiling_face_with_tear:


You don’t get why we do it? Because content is locked behind ilevels that we want to run?

No, there is no content locked behind ilevels. All the content is available at T1. Chaos dungeons, Abyssal dungeons/raids, Guardian Raids, etc. etc. etc. Nothing new exists at T3. Nothing.

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You don’t get to run Mythic in WoW either… unless you spend months getting your gear ilvl up to par for actually getting there…

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Coming from years of Black Desert Online what has a similar system I can see if your not familiar with the daily or bi-daily rng gear progression it can feel sucky but man after years of BDO, lost arks honing feels pretty good. atleast my gear doesn’t downgrade, or get destroyed when i fail. Personally I enjoy being able to get my gear up incrementally and not tied to say a weekly raid lockout or something but I get it its definably not a system everyone is going to like.

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