Can i buy Vanquisher Starter Pack again on different Server?

Hello everyone.

Can i buy the Vanquisher Starter Pack again on different Server even i own this Pack already on Steam? Because if try to buy it, it says:

According to our records, you already own one or more of the items included in your cart.
If purchasing for yourself, you will not receive an extra copy of:

  • Lost Ark Vanquisher Starter Pack
    Would you still like to continue with your purchase?

It’s hard to understand for me. Do i receive the Items but the Pack doesnt show twice in my Steam or do i get nothing? :smiley:

You cannot purchase DLC on Steam twice with the same account.

So that means, i cannot get the Items again once i bough it and use it on my first server. Right?

Could always make a second free steam account to play on the different server/region, otherwise I’m pretty sure you can’t get another of the same starter pack. You can buy the starter packs on the in-game store though I believe, maybe you can get a second one there?

Nope, doesn’t work. That’s what i tried to do. Seems like you can only buy all 3 Packs(DLC) just one time, if you use it, you can’t get another one of these on other Servers. And making a Second Steam Account just to play on Different Server and spending Money, makes for me no sense! Don’t like to keep switching Accounts. I Think Ryder already got the Solution for this Question!.

Hope this Thread also helps other Poeple if they got the same Question!