Can i change class?


since I started playing I’ve always found it very bad that there is no possibility of changing classes in a simpler way, the game demands a lot of dedication to make these transitions.

Is there a possibility that someday there will be an item in the shop that I can just switch classes?

I only have 2 characters, I wouldn’t want to do the whole honing path again, with “Get set Conversion” I would be able to change the set, my accessories I would sell and buy the new class.

There is no way

Change class by making a new character :wink:

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Hi @luanzinx225

Hope you doing great!

As @hellozheng1 and @Hiroyuuki said is not possible to change the class.

In that case you will have to create a new character to play another class.

At the moment there ins’t any new about if this option will be implement or not in the game.

Hope this information help you! :wolf:

get that char to 50 . use the rewards express to make a new one as your main