Can i change one item relic?


I’m just wondering if i can change one item ? I failed, and choose the wrong item…
I picked a glove, but the wrong one… I picked “Hallucination” instead of “Dominic Fang”…
Is it possible to switch to fang ? If you are wondering i dont have the feature to change the complete set and i cant dismantle the glove to get back the loots…

Sorry if i’m not clear, i’m french ^^

Have a good day !

You can change between 1 and 6 items once you have “the feature to change the complete set”. It doesn’t force you to change entire set.

You can also craft new item from correct set and transfer gear. I’m not sure what will happen to the Hallu item - when transferring between rarities they disappear, but when going from Valtan/Vykas to Brel relic you get to keep the old one at +0 and it lets you dismantle it to get back mats.

if you already transfer the upgrade into relic, u need to craft argos / oreha armor (glove in your case), then transfer the upgrade back to legendary armor, then dismantle the relic to get your mats back (and yes, your relic armor wont disappear after you transfer back to legendary armor)
then you can craft into your desired relic piece, just make sure you have the stone of chaos

Actually, you guys saved my life ! :heart_eyes:

Fang is mainly Valtan, so i crafted fang gloves, transfered the +18 then dismantled the Hallu gloves 0 then get back the mats back !

Love you guys, have a beautiful day ^^ :kissing_heart: