Can i get banned?

someone wanted help for guardian raid im im helped him after finish im returned lobby and lobby owner changed lobby name to boosting etc. an leaved after im be new lobby leader. other guy(his t3) tryed to chatt me after ill get answer his sayed allright thx. I think this guys tryed to ban me with ticked. im seems booster in this lobby.
Srry for my bad english.

Don’t worry boosting is allowed as long people don’t do Real money transactions , if is in game transaction is allowed.

lol careful with the wording… “boosting” is indeed against CoC

But selling carries for gold is not being punished and will not be penalized according to GMs

oh ye you’re right , i mean more like “Bussing” like they call in korea , is when someone carries players in content

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Oh! thx bro i was very scared in case I got banned. i hope there will be no problem

Oh! thx bro i was very scared in case I got banned. i hope there will be no problem :neutral_face:

Can you explain what you mean by “Boosting” if not bussing?
Does it involve sending too many resources to someone to raise in ilvl fast or what?

One person’s report is going to do jack all.

You are aware you can get banned for farting out of turn in this game?
Just saying

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Boosting can mean various things on gamimg

it could mean that via account sharing a more knowledgeable player logs with your account with the purpose of boosting your pvp rank… or to level your character quickly… on your behalf, giving you something you don’t earned.

I personally consider carrying a form of boost because you are, knowingly, relying on someone else’s skill to do something you’re not able or don’t want to do.

But let’s be clear here, my opinion doesn’t matter at all… what matters is what AGS has defined for “boosting” and more importantly… that we and all people involved in bans and penalties are on the same page.

Allegedly, some asked AGS support about this and they said it was baneable (bus/taxi activities) but later another GM made clear (and confirmed by Roxx) that this in fact was not being punished so long is done for in-game currency (specifically gold)… is considered “emerging gameplay”

I tried to get Roxx to clarify what is considered boosting for amazon and well… looks like I messed up with someones payroll… :rofl:

I’m assuming in this case it means killing low level guardians that are blocking people from trying other guardians.

Chromanium and Nacrasena are relatively easy, but you can’t kill them until you’ve killed all of the Raid Level 1 guardians. And Vertus can be difficult to do at-level.

But the answer in that thread was clear.

You carry someone for gold, it’s fine. You do it for anything RMT related, it’s not.
I saw your question in the thread you are referring to and there was no need to answer your question.

Why not?
am I not allow to ask about the meaning of something present in the code of conduct…? something I thought I understood but clearly is not the case?

lol that’s a new one

But it’s answered?

Carries are fine aslong as they are for ingame gold, not okay for RMT.
the Code of Conduct is therefor probably referencing to RMT Boosting.

Yes, let’s assume things… I’m quite sure that will end up well :rofl:

It does though?
Its confirmed its allowed for gold. What else do you want, lol

Well my dear friend, here is the problem…

As I said in previous post in this thread… boosting have various meanings in gaming…

so if we start to spread the word that boosting is allowed so long is done for gold, then does that mean that I… a pro pvp player (which I’m not but let’s roll with it) can sell my services in-game? you know… you give me gold and I log with your account and take you to platinum rank or whatever?

I’ll give you a hint… not GM have ever said that boosting is allowed… they said bus/taxi services are. This means one of two things… either they do not consider that gameplay as boosting or the CoC is being overruled in a forum post. (I highly doubt the later is true since both GMs said nothing about CoC being wrong)

Okay, you are clearly trolling.
of course account sharing for a boost is not allowed, in any kind.
Alone making such assumptions show that you have no clue what you are talking about. In which MMO was that ever okay.

Feel free to report me, stop replying to my posts and block me… it doesn’t get easier than that