Can I get my Wardancer restored?

Heelo, I was curious if I could get a wardancer restored?
Main character Sakuraskyes server karta I do not remember the name of my wardancer (cause I’m forgetful…) but she is level 50.
If you could restore her that would be amazing but if you can’t no worries!

Hello @skysblade!

Let me help you with that, I just need you to confirm you have an empty character slot so I can restore your wardancer.

Log off the game also, I’ll let you know once it’s restored! :wink:

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Thank you! I do have an empty slot and I am currently logged off

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Your Lv 50 Wardancer Styrmar should be back in your roster, let me know if it worked!

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She is back thank you so much!

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I’m glad it worked, tag me here if anything else and stay safe!

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I was curious if I could get my shadow hunter restored? Sorry to bother you!
main Sakuraskyes server karta
shadow hunter name akandra

Hey there @skysblade.

Seems like my colleague @YiYi took care of that for you in another post.

Next time you log in your character akandra should appear on your roster, let us know if you need anything else! :wink: