Can I 'reclaim' my gold founders chest on a new character?

I started the game as a berserker but after the beginning I feel like I wanna play mage but on my original character I have claimed the Gold Founders Chest… can I still claim this on the mage if I make a new character and remove the old one?

I’m not positive as I have not done it myself, but from all the research I’ve done permanent is permanent.

I believe once it claimed it stay with the character that you claimed in this case it stuck with your berserker…
The thing that i know is account wide is the pet, mount (for plat), wallpaper for plat… the skin is only limited on character that claimed it.
Most likely so you have to buy more $$. Game is free so cosmetics is one of the ways they make money


Hello @Goldiez, welcome to the forums!

As mentioned by @Hiroyuuki the Gold Founders Chest once claimed on that character can’t be redeemed on another one.

It’s bound to that character. I’m sincerely sorry for this situation and for any inconvenience this may cause.

I hope the information is of assistance and have a great day!

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