Can i recover a deleted character? :D

Hello! is really possible to restore a deleted character? :sob:

My Main name: Rozyy
Deleted character name: i dont remember
Class: Gunlancer
character level: i think it was something like lvl 52 i dont remember well :slight_smile:
Server: NA Regulus
itemLvl: T3

Hello @javiernm31 !

For sure I can help with your character.

I will look for your Gunlancer, in the meantime, please make sure to have a slot available and keep the game closed while I restore it.

I’ll let you know once completed!

Edit: Hey, I restored your Gunlancer Thekoukusaton, next time that you get in the game it should be there.

If you need further assistance in any other issue please don’t hesitate in reaching us again!

I hope this helps, have a great adventure :shield: :crossed_swords: !

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Thank you so much! I will look forward to any help in the future. :pray:

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Hello can i have another help? :smiley: i want to restore another character
Main name: Rozyy
Deleted character name: i dont remember
Class: DeathBlade
lvl: 50 i think
Itemlvl: T1
Server: NA Regulus :smiley:

Hey there @javiernm31!

I can surely assist restoring your character, again just make sure you have an open character slot and that you’re logged out of the game while I restore it!

Update: I have now restored your level 50 Deathblade named “Heynix”

Please log back into the game to make sure everything looks good!


Thank you again very much!! :pray:

Hello! can you help me with another character? :smiley:

Main name: Rozyy
Deleted character name: i dont remember
Class: SharpShooter
lvl: 50 i think
Server: NA regulus :slight_smile:

Hello there @javiernm31,

I will gladly assist you with this request, just remember to be logged out of the game and have a character slot available!

Allow me to look for your character. :wink:

Update: @javiernm31 I have found a SharpShooter that fits that description with the name: Ciifer would you like me to restore it?


yes please :smiley:

All done @javiernm31,

Next time you log in let me know if everything is alright! :smiley:

Have fun in Arkesia!


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yes!! thank you so much :smiley:

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Hello! can i get some help recovering one alt? :smiley:

Main name: Rozyy
Deleted character: Berserker T3
Server: NA regulus

Hello @javiernm31

I hope you are doing well.

Thanks for the character restoration request. Unfortunately after looking at your Lost Ark account, We cannot assist you with another character restoration due to character restoration limits. You will need to wait a time frame of 365 days since the latest character restoration occurred to be eligible for more character restorations. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

See you in Arkesia! :magic_wand:

i see! thank you! :smiley:

Is there a reason you keep deleting characters and wanting to restore them every month? I kept scrolling down the thread and was shocked to see how many characters you deleted and wanted back and not remembering any of their names lol kinda made me laugh

most of them were delete it months ago :slight_smile: on the first month of the game…i dont have money to buy character slots every time i want, so when i get money i buy slots and recover some of them. Dont dont worry i will end the post so you can enjoy other stuff