Can i refund a Van Pass?

Hey there.

thnx for a great and fun game. its the first time i played this game. When i hit lvl 50 with my Deathblade i got a Van Pass. i tought it was something i could use on my char so i used it asap. Since then i have read that i could have used it to boost an alt. Is it posible to refund it or do i have to lvl a new char to 50 before i get a new. :frowning: Hoped maybe it could be refunded if you can see i used it ingame on my first lvl 50 char.

Steam-ID: 76561197965550281

Kind regards.

You eventually get a 2nd one via mail after you boost - Iā€™m sorry to read that you used it on your lvl 50 tho :frowning:

i didnt get a second one in my mail after i used it :frowning: and yea its really sad. i wanted to make a paladin when the time was there so if i wasnt such a newbie i would have use it for that.