Can Machinist Interface be turned off?

To the people who already played the class and/or on the korean servers.

Can the transformation interface that takes up nearly 1/4 of the screen be turned off or do you just have to live with it? (the “in mech” interface)

There is an option - HUD scaling.

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Thanks. Does it scale only the mech-inferface or the whole skillbar? Because other classes don’t have that, so far only the Scouter/Machinist when transformed, so I don’t know if it is it’s own hud selection or attached to something else :smiley: )

Nope. Scale it all down or live with it :smiley:

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Bad news, you can’t disable the HUD change effect
Good news, as Wolfherzog and Vargarl said, you can change the whole HUD scaling(#) and reduce it up to 80% in Settings menu
(80% min < 100% normal < 120% max)

(#) Including Skill display, Hp/Mp bars, Idenyity bars, on-screen text, quests, menues, and other HUD-related stuff

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No, it can’t be changed. I am kinda scaring about that. There are too many dark areas in that hud and i am already half blind…

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Thanks for the answers. Maybe it is less bothering ingame then it is in videos about him or I will scale everything down. :slight_smile:

Get some better glasses? 4head.

Bruh. My right eye genetically half blind. Glasses doesn’t help me anyhow.

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