Can not use the guild donation function while transaction is restricted


I’m getting this popup if I try donate silver/gold in my guild. tried on all my chars on server Evergrace and all have this issue.

I will not reach the weekly contribution if i can not donate, any help?

Hey there @Helberto

Sorry to hear you’re unable to donate to your Guild, this is a currently known issue the team is aware of and currently working on addressing, here’s a post with all known issues at the moment:

Keep an eye out for any updates regarding these issues here in the forums.

Update: This issue, among others, will be adressed on a hotfix tonight:

See you in Arkesia!

was only partially fixed. Now I can donate silver but not gold.

Please fix this. Not being able to donate gold to a guild that I’m the leader of kinda sux.

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The same for me. I cannot donate Gold.

3d later…

We can donate silver but not gold.
I need Contribution full.

Fix it , pls

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I STILL can’t donate gold to my guild. Silver is fine but not gold.

Update: STILL can’t donate gold to my guild but silver is fine.

Uhhh… is this just the way things are gonna be now?

Hey there @Vyvian

Sorry to hear you’re still experiencing this issue, in this case I’d recommend you go ahead and contact our support team directly for further assistance:

Make sure to explain your situation in detail and include any helpful or relevant information in the ticket!