Can someone answer quick Mayhem question?

Do i go full crit accessories with crit/swift neck or use a swift on an earring/ring?

1300-1400 crit and 800-900 swift. You don’t need to go that high on crit because the self buffs give you CR. So yeah, use a swift ring or earring.

crit/swift on the neck and 1 other acc. with swift. Everything else is crit

if I take a ring I’d only be at around 720 swift… so I should get an earring?


I’d have to spend too much… is it that big of difference from having 720 swift vs. 820?

would it work if I just get the ring and i’d be at 717 swiftness then wait to hit 1490 and get swiftness on a bracelet and get around 800 swift?

You can put some pretty cheap combinations on the earring. I assume something like KBW + Master’s tenacity swift earring would be extremely cheap. You can put it on the ring too just you already have so much CR you won’t benefit much from it.

if i use swiftness on earring, then i’d be below 1300 crit around 1270 or so

Just do the math which option will net you more damage. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have 1300 crit if the CDR yields more damage gain. Not saying that is the case but it can easily be.

crit/swift neck / 1 swift ring / rest crit

At best blue quality 470 + 280 (x2) + 180 (high green ring, but just barely near 190 blue) * .1%

1210 * .1% = 121 = 1331 Crit

You basically said 1270. Looks like you never included your 10% from pet into calculations. You are well in the mid range of 1300-1400 if you are at 1270 since.

1270 * .1% = 127 = 1397 Crit

Easy calculations overall and nothing to scoff at, but I guess you missed that small value. But overall you are set by the looks of it.

True! I did not include the pet crit, so swift ring works!

Wait, I don’t know~ do I just add the 10% on top of the 1270 stats I have?

Also, 1270 crit is if I use a swift earring, if I use swift ring then I’m at 1370 + the 10%, so like 1480… which is too much?

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