Can someone explain main playstyle difference Scrapper Shock vs. Taijutsu ?Shock vs

This class look interesting and I am going to try it out for bit but was curious which engraving I should go for but was curious if anyone could explain the difference in playstyles?


Taijutsu is constant damage and is the “unga bunga” version of the 2. You are constantly hitting the boss for average to slightly higher damage and rarely find yourself without a button to presss. Very fast very spammy spec with a focus more on maximizing uptime and sticking on the boss non stop to get your DPS. The spells have very quick animations and you tend to shift more towards a 50/50 Swiftness Crit setup so you have good movespeed and animations. It’s just a very punchy spec with a great rythm of play. Very mobile but SUPER easy. I would say Taijutsu Scrapper is one of the easiest classes to play in the game with how tanky they naturally are as well.

Shock is a generator spender spec. Your damage is loaded entirely into your Shock (green) spells and your yellow spells are used only for setup and to generate the shock needed to use your green spells. It’s MUCH slower with all of your stats going into Specialization. Shock spells do massive damage so you are going to see way bigger numbers but less of them. Shock spells also tend to have MUCH longer animations attached to them which makes the spec feel alot more sluggish compared to Taijutsu. It should be said tho that even in the world of Burst specs, Shock is nowhere near the level of the true Burst classes. They cast more burst spells on average than the other true burst classes like Surge and Igniter. The damage potential is higher tho. They are getting nerfed in the next patch tho so it might bring them closer in line.

I will say as a taijutsu scrapper main my bias is very evident. But Shock has it’s place and will scale MUCH better than taijutsu as we get higher in secondary stats.


Thank your taking the time and explaining this, it helps a lot.