Can someone explain me the 1340 gear sets?

So to be able to craft them you need to be 1370? Then you can craft 1340 gear? Which means, you must upgrade them again to reach 1370? Will those upgrades be 5 iLvl per upgrade again? Which means to +6 to reach 1370?

Am I right so far and why does this sound so stupid? :sweat_smile:

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EDIT: Base item level gear (on the right is 1302) and the base item level gear (on the left is 1340). Gear transfer the purple into yellow.


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What do you want to say with this? You still need to be 1370, to be able to craft the 1340, right? Then you can transfer your 1370 purple into the yellow 1340. Will you still get an extra +1 for doing that? I mean, in the long run that’s the way to go because the chances are higher with +6 than with +15(?) but still… then why is the iLvL of the legendary not 1370 and the chances are like it would be with +6? So you don’t need to waste mats just to get back to 1370? Hmm…

I was asking in the guild discord and they said the gear transfer makes it a +6. So instead of base item 1302 with the purples, now you have a base item at 1340 at +6 from a, what I am assuming, +15 to +6.

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Ah ok. Then that makes sense!! If it is +6 right away with transferring, then there will be nothing wasted. Thanks!