Can someone please confirm this skill rune is working as intended?


This Rune doesn’t seem to be triggering.

It doesn’t say it has a chance too, nor does it indicate if it is additive to specialty meter gain from it. What I can say though is that it definitely does not add 20% to the meter.

I will also add, that unlike other runes triggering, this one never says “wealth” on the screen to indicate it has been activated.

Bruh rising claw barely generate any shadowburst meter at all, it’s nothing even if you throw 20% at it. You should use it on low cd skills that generate lots of meter like demonic clone or vision. Either skill also has encroaching power for the tripod which further improves your meter gain.

So you are saying it is 20% more to shadow meter gain for what the skill generates, not 20% meter gain flat. Is that right?

If what you are saying is true, then they need to fix that rune description asap.

Yeah, they have been pretty unclear about certain descriptions in the game. Not sure if it’s a localization issue or lack of QA


That explains a lot, thank you for the help, I’ll stick it on shadowbeam then, it generates the most. Also, completely not worth it for 7 giants hearts either if that is all it does. It seemed great but it isn’t. Fingers crossed it is a bug, and it really is supposed to give you 20% meter gain.

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or both. xD

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That should be better

That is insta beam with 100% more plus that rune, so… 120%?

I already full demon before I am done using all my skills, but it would be nice if it would go faster