Can someone please help; awful support experience

You are now connected to Lawson from

Me [5:30:14 PM] : Issue: Lost Ark - Technical: Something Else

Me [5:30:44 PM] : Hello; I have yet to receive the bonus founder pack and the celebration pack disappeared from my product inventory before i could claim it

Lawson [5:31:22 PM] : Hello, my name is Lawson. I’m here to help you today.

Lawson [5:31:47 PM] : We apologize for the inconvenience and delay. These grants will happen over the course of the day, so if it takes a bit of time for your new pack to show up, don’t be alarmed! Because of the number of players receiving this grant, distribution could take up to 24 hours to complete.

Lawson [5:31:47 PM] : However the roll-out is still ongoing and could possibly take longer than the reported 24 hours.

Lawson [5:31:47 PM] : Please follow the forum link for updates on this:

Lawson [5:31:47 PM] :…(See full link)

Me [5:32:18 PM] : what about the pack that dissapeared before i could claim it?

Me [5:33:24 PM] : and is there any eta at all for when we can expect to get them?

Lawson [5:36:19 PM] : Please provide you character and server /region

Me [5:36:39 PM] : Saltyfry Neria, EUC

Me [5:37:40 PM] : Thank you for your help; i appreciate it

Lawson [5:47:42 PM] : Hi, It does reflect that launch celebration pack was redeemed 2/19/2022 10:16:46 PM

Me [5:47:54 PM] : but i dont have it

Me [5:48:01 PM] : there was lag

Me [5:48:08 PM] : and it never transfered to my inventory

Me [5:48:29 PM] : i even got an error saying it was not claimable

Lawson [5:51:09 PM] : I will need to log an escalation ticket.

Me [5:51:56 PM] : any idea how long that would take to resolve as well as the other issues of not receiving the founder packs?

Lawson [5:52:20 PM] : It normally takes between 24-72 hours for a response/fix from the developers.

Me [5:52:47 PM] : and are you able to see it in my inventory? I know you see it was “redeemed” but are you able to see it?

Me [5:54:19 PM] : also is there any response about my missing premium currencies? that ticket was filed a week ago

Lawson [5:57:39 PM] : Do you have a ticket number/ref

Me [5:57:56 PM] : let me look

Me [5:59:09 PM] : no i dont think i was given one

Me [5:59:14 PM] : they just said they were escalating it like you did

Lawson has left the conversation.

I’m missing premium currencies; this guy pretty much said oh well with the fact my celebration pack disappeared. I really like this game but this horrendously poor help is getting too much.


The last sentence was shocking…

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I just want some help…like i understand they are having problems but really? Just end the support chat without doing much of anything?

I’m very sorry for this experience, and will flag it where I can. Although I don’t have the tools to directly assist since I’m not a part of the CS team, I can try to provide some answers.

For the missing Founder’s Pack Grant, these are still rolling out and are just taking longer than initially expected – you should still receive it some time over the weekend.

If your Celebration Gift disappeared, I do recommend filing a ticket with support instead of going through live chat.

In regards to that, and missing currencies, this likely has to do with our ongoing store issues which have been improved but not completely fixed since launch. We are still working to resolve this, but your items still will be tied to your account even if you cannot see them. More on that here: Update on Current Top Issues


Thank you;

I reconnected and spoke to someone named Jim; he told me to file a ticket as well and walked me through the process.

That has since been completed.

I feel something is definitely wrong because i keep getting messages saying i have new items in my product inventory; but there is nothing there.

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I’m glad to hear this, go Jim!

There seems to be an uptick in store issues again today unfortunately, even though they had settled in a bit towards the end of this week. I am confident it is all related, but inconveniently we are still waiting on a fix.

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It’s weird too because things keep getting alerts about the product inventory; but nothings there. then theres something there, but i can’t view it. then theres nothing then i get more alerts and it just keeps repeating itself.

Yeah products not showing up is an issue with the ongoing store issues. If you are awake for some time longer, wait until most servers aren’t on busy anymore and the store usually fixes itself. Either the products will show up then or after a relog, don’t worry :slight_smile:

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and the same exact thing just happened with my gold and platinum founder packs… they are gone too

Yeah just wait until the server load decreases, they should be back then

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no they completely disappeared. they aren’t even in the product inventory or my inventory. just like the celebration pack.

They should reappear once the shop servers are fine again and after a relog.

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I’ll try that in a couple hours then @Roxx do you have any input as well?

Hope everything gets sorted out and you get the items that belong to you :saluting_face:

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I was thinking of name changing but maybe i should just keep the name “Salty Fry” now :’)

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@Roxx I also have a crappy experience in the game but also with ags support…after several tries of trying to get a group for an abyssal dungeon i finally got one and also was able to connect to the dungeon but because of the state of the server right now i got kicked from server already during the intro cutscene and since then i am locked out of abyssal dungeons for the whole week without even having a try! that’s some huge progress i am missing, so i contacted the amazon support with a ticket. all they said is yeah we know about the crappy server perfomance, that’s life! wow big thanks for nothing. crystaline aura is also disabled since two days for me. -.-

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Dont use the ticket or chat system… just be fine with losing stuff…
I lost 7200 blue crystals and the support told me I never purchased them, after a long time wasting discussion I just decided to never spend a dime again into this game and I take this money loss as a lesson since its way to stressful for me to chat with those guys…
PS: Your thing might be only a bug. Market is giga bugged rn and i had my bonus pack in the claim tab but wasnt able to claim tho and since i logged in this morning its gone and market is down… i bet it will be in there later on.

If your Celebration Gift disappeared, I do recommend filing a ticket with support instead of going through live chat.

This is actually an infinite loop. CS team (via ticket) asks to use Live medium (Chat/Phone) to solve this problem, meanwhile Live medium/forum cannot help and recommend creating a ticket :rofl:


I tried both methods, first, i didn’t get any sort of confirmation that my ticket had been submitted. Then i contacted CS via Live chat to ask for confirmation that my ticket had been submitted and request a reference number. I was told they don’t provide confirmation of ticket submissions or give ticket ID’s to customers.

I then asked if they could add additional information of my character and server to the ticket as I forgot to do so when i submitted it. They responded saying they are “having issues with the system but will be sure to add these details for you later.”

I am dumbfounded by the lack of transparency that CS provide. It’s really disappointing to see.

FYI - the ticket is to explain that my Celebration Pack also disappeared from my product inventory before being able to claim.