Can someone tell me how this swiftness igniter sorc has their awakening on a sub 2 minute cooldown?

In this video ATK is discussing a very off meta swiftness focus with spec secondary igniter build. He discusses the relic sets (2 nightmare/4 domination) and the use of the judgement/conviction duo combo rune but I am still struggling to understand how 1750 swiftness and 15% awakening reduction from conviction/judgement combo and the 20% cd reduction from dominion fang relic set is enough to lower a 5 minute cooldown to sub 2 minutes.

I am clearly missing something or miscalculating, can anyone teach me how to maths or highlight what I am missing here?

Thanks for any help offered guys.

edit: The swiftness demonstrated in this video is unobtainable in the western release and as such its impossible to maintain the 4 dominion set bonus indefinitely since with 100 quality gear across the board the most swiftness youll ever obtain is 1650 (including pet) which only lowers your awakening cooldown down to 131 seconds

The judgement / conviction alone drops it to like 3 min… other buffs go from there

How though? Without swiftness calculated isnt conviction/judgement only a 15% reduction? 15% off of 5 minutes shouldnt be enough to take it below 4 minutes unless its not 15% or there is something im missing


I have 549 swiftness and this is awakening after immediate judgement/conviction

Ahhh thanks for that, I dont have judgement/conviction myself so I have only been able to theorise around released numbers and 15% was what I found. Would you happen to know what the actual cooldown is in terms of percentage?

it’s dominion relic set. Giving cooldown reductions and damage buff for 2mins when you use awakening. The whole build is set so you can do awakening under 2 min to keep buff running.

You need 1800 swiftness. Awakening engraving and/or conviction/judgement (and handlng it well). It’s its own topic how to use that set well. It’s kinda weird with our current gear. But it’s bis in KR with their gear, so a lot of people will mimick that here as well.

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1750 swiftness = 36,5% cd maybe more. 15% from judgment, 20% from dominion = 300 sec x 0,635x0,8x0,85 = 129 seconds cd.

Edit: Maybe the 1% CDR = 46 or 48 Swiftness. I am not sure right now. But if it is 46 Swiftness, then he even got more base CDR and then his CD should be lower than 120 sec


From what ive gathered domination 4 set (which the sorc in the vid is running) only takes 20% off of the awakening cd, the conviction/judgement combo only takes 15% and the swiftness still isnt enough to cover the rest because in the video the sorc is running with sub 1800 swiftness buy altogether gets more then 60% cd off of his awakening since it goes from 5 minutes to less than two. Unless some numbers arent correct from what ive just written I must be missing something

I am a DS swiftness SS (yes, its offmeta, I know)
And I got 1650 swiftness, using judgment and conviction, using awakening 1 and 2 nightmare 2 dominion (with vykas then 4 dominion) and my CD of awakening is 119 seconds.

I remember testing in trixion I believe 1550 swiftness and that only lowered the cd down to 3 minutes and 20 seconds. Man i must be missing something right in front of my face cause that doesnt add up to me. About to hop back in game to test this.

Its not additive. Its multiplicative. There is a diminish return

kinda, yes
I calculated it above

Besides 1750 swiftness giving 37.5%cd everything else seems to make sense here. Thankyou for this

According to the loawa chart given by ATK the sorc’s swiftness was 1769 resulting in 37.98% cd. This still ends with a 126.5second awakening cd. So i am guessing the loawa page doesnt account for a pet which undoubtedly would put his cd under 120 seconds. Dont think this is possible for us to do yet in our western release as the max amount without a pet is 1500 in a single stat and 1650 with the pet’s 10% buff. So the lowest CD i can theoretically get going this build in our current release is 131 seconds

It does not include pet buff. They have the Bracelet slot, which can give up to 240 or so in a secondary stat

I believe he went crit on his bracelet and spec/swift neck