Can someone tell me what is this?

For real WTF is this, smilegate ?

Keep threating the PVP part of the game like this and sooner rather than later it will go belly up just like in Rusia.

We told Amazon about this countless times, presumably they’ve told Smilegate about it too, but the reality appears to be that Smilegate doesn’t think it’s a problem for more than 1 of the same class or more than 1 support to be on the same team in 3v3.

It’s a suicidal approach to managing PvP, I know, but PvP simply isn’t the money maker here, so its gains for player retention are wholly disregarded in favor of less competent development goals. Imagine setting yourself up for great success in the arena and gvg game format, then totally dropping both balls.

I see you were ranked with the toxic piece of shit named Blini.
People should report that prick for racism, toxicity, hell even his character is parading blackface but Amazon doesn’t do a fucking thing.

Russia didn’t go belly up because of PvP being broken, if anything they had the superior arena system. But gradually it got changed into the garbage we got and now it’s even worse than what we have (will have soon enough).

I’ve learned something last night, this game is not worth the agony, make of that what you will.

Well i acually quit pve as most of my friends, thing became a chore. I don’t want to keep playing alts to get geared on my main ( the class that i wan’t to play ) plus soon diablo 3 will be released so i see no point in trying pve.

PVP tho its something else. Even with some imbalance in classes i find pvp very entertaining.

I guarantee you if someone ran a private server they would do a better job than AGS/SG by default

*edited because I forgot to address Smilegate’s willful ignorance regarding pvp as well

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people actually play pvp? kek

not many. it may come as a shock, but a lot of the crowd attracted by raids in lost ark don’t seem to be able to grasp fundamentals like CC and not standing in fire

A ranked matchmaking system makes some assumptions for it to be fair and functional. These are:

  • There are people at all the ranks
  • These people at all the ranks are playing games

If either of these two conditions fail to be met, no matter how good your theoretical matchmaking system is, it stops becoming functional.

Either you expand the time frame of how long it searches for a game so people can sit in a queue until infinity and never find someone else to match with for an even game or it grabs anyone that is queuing so that a game happens.

ie If you wanted an even gold ranked 3v3 match, for example, and only 6 bards were queued, either you get a game with 6 bards fighting each other or you end up with 6 people waiting until 12 other gold ranked people join the queue so that only 1 bard is on a side which could be 30 seconds or it could be the year 2363 when Captain Picard and the USS Enterprise launches it’s 5th variant.

you know this has nothing to do with AGS right? All they can do is tell Smilegate what problems pvp has but thats all, if smilegate thinks its not worth investing their time improving the pvp aspect of the game cuz 90% of their playerbase only cares about pve then… that’s just all there is to it sadly.

But again, I dont think its fair blaming AGS for it, cuz literally they cant do anything

My bad, I meant to include them but it just sort of came out of my mind’s eye as “Amazon Games / Smilegate”

Anyway they’re all total clowns wrt PvP

From a busines perspective I guess its just obvious that it is not worth investing in pvp but I agree that it sucks, cuz imo the pvp in this game has everything I wished for, the only problem is matchmaking and balance between some classes and comps.

The sad thing is, they can make money off PVP only players indirectly.

People who login a few hours a day and PVP will still buy cosmetics, skins, and other things. But they completely screwed them over by turning off the PVP season.

RU server’s publisher was able to get the power to reset PvP player gear to coincide with monetizing honing events. These weren’t things that happened in KR, JP, or Global.

If RU publisher can get the power to affect PvP rewards so they can make more money, then why can’t AGS do anything? Why everyone think AGS is always faultless? They’re a subsidiary funded by a company that literally just lost a trillion dollars of market value and still be in business. That’s more than the GDP of 196 countries.

They can improve PvP. They just don’t want to and it’s not Smilegate’s fault.

It is SMG fault. We dont know how it works in Russia, may be they have more power over the game than Amazon does, may be in russia the % of players that play pvp is bigger so that allowed them to push for better stuff for them… Again, we dont know, if you wanna blame amazon then go ahead I just dont share that opinion.

Oh, we can and absolutely will blame both AGS and SMG for this, both companies are truly terrible with regards to PvP management.

If a single region RU publisher was able to negotiate more autonomy over the game they publish than a company that just shrugged off a trillion dollars and you find them faultless, then you are beyond hopeless.

I think I didnt express myself properly but I dont think they are faultless, I just think in this case they didnt have much power about this aspect of the game or they dont wanna invest in it either. It just an opinion, you can have a different one, all good.