Can someone tell me where the content is?

I hit 1370 today as f2p player and all you get for working for weeks in the deadzone is 2 hardmode dungeons that shares lockout with normal mode and 1 boss in a box?

Even horizontal content is time gated when you get to about 58% completion with reputation or rapport. Or is the fun part doing the deadzone on 6 other alts forever?

What are people supposed to be playing to have fun? 2 more Lopang alts?

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after 1370 there is nothing more to do other than get 1400, and after that the game is truly over and you can call that char day and move onto the next one

Nice. Congratulations.
Now do it 5 more times.

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Sounds like the game is actually awful. Thanks for the heads up.

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In Korea.

stop being selfish and asking for content that’s already developed and functional on all other regions

maybe in 10 years the majority of the player base will be where u are

we all play at different paces u know? and people who login only for 5 minutes a day deserve to eligible to play new content on release or they will cry and mentally implode


Now your gonna want to focus on ur Ilvl, Gear tripods, gems, getting 3/3/3/1 engraving, etc.

Alt+D in game. Brings up the codex.

You wanna be getting your skill points. This means there will be a whole host of stuff to work on just for those.

Edit: if anyone actually ends up here legitimately and actually wants to know where to start with anything, just DM me it’s fine.

The real treasure are the friends we made along the way on our journey to find the last ark.

The issue is, 99.98% of the time you dont play with other players in this title so where do you meet new friends.

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The content is now repeating that process on as many alts as you can where every alt ends at 1340 and is sent to Lopang to farm silver.

Settle in for a long couple months my friend

Yeah hardmode dungeons, argos, night fox yoho and upgrade to your base gear set and accessories.

This is what happens when people put in 60-80+ hours per week. You tend to run out of things.

You’re doing all content solo? You haven’t joined a guild/community?
Maybe try that. Our ingame activities are limited right now due to the content thats available to us.

It really helps to keep having fun when you have people around you.