Can someone translate this please?


As in french, it’s simply a non-sense, maybe I probably have more chance to understand that if it is written in english…

“we can initiate the raid only if the raid contains the 1st. and” of what ? ? ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Explicite details aren’t the korean’s strength devs tho…

Hello @uzurpateur :wave:

As this is the English speaking section of the forums, we are unfortunately unable to translate this for you, I apologize for the inconvenience.

Would you be able to translate the name of the quest on the image you shared? That way I might be able to find some information pertaining to the quest itself. Another player may also recognize the name of the quest and post a screenshot of the English description.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the thread for your response.

The quest is called “Song of the Deep Sea” in english and it is a main quest from the lore.

I guess the called groups are probably the ‘raid levels’ of the Guardians (the 3rd.level is probably required to start the quest).

But as I am never sure to perfectly understand the ‘french’ translations of the objectives… I should ask.

Hello again, @uzurpateur

The description in English for the quest is as follows:

So it would appear that the raid group needs to be split into two parties at the start.

I’ll continue to keep an eye on the thread for now.

Wow, many thanks @Ulver.
Indeed, the official description of the quest is 1000 times better than my ‘translation’ of the french translation of the quest ! And yes, my english is 1000 times more trash than the french translation of the quest.
To be short, thank you for your support & help because I didn’t have understood a single word of the objective of the quest (as usual I could say…).

So I got another pass for a mission for team(s). Shame…

Have a great day.

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Good afternoon, how are you, I would like to know how do I get the action house functions released because I’m already on 1460, I need the action house to buy materials to level up my character and I can’t, I already made purchases on steam, I already have some reliability on steam, I already activated the steam guard and I still can’t progress in the game because you guys are barring me from continuing to progress in the game

Hello @daniellsilv736,
I’m fine thanks to ask.

First, I’m not an admin, I only can answer from my personal experience of the game.

2nd.thing: by ‘action house functions’, you probably mean 'fortress" or smtg ?

3rd.: if I’m correct and you ask about fortress, don’t worry it is really easy to get it if you have the good song. I think you have the sufficient level to play this song ‘Song of Fortress’, check here:

The shortkey to use songs is ‘F2’ by default.
After that, you will be tp to your fortress (if you have one). To leave your fortress, you can play the song ‘Escape Song’ like this one here:

The game aren’t very explicite to this point too (it maybe tells you quickly how to do it and you have to guess the point to manage your fortress yet…) and I had to search how to do it in my first try of the game.

In the fortress you will be anything, and everything is to be build. Ask if you have more questions about it.

Good luck because this ‘fortress’ is a big mess to craft your things :wink:

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Hello @daniellsilv736

Sorry to hear about the trusted status issues you’re having, which don’t permit you to access the auction house. And thank you @uzurpateur for taking the time to help a fellow player.

You mentioned that you lready set up Steam Guard as part of the process. Can I ask if you set up mobile authentication for the account?

I’ll keep checking the thread for your response.

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Yes, the mobile authenticator on the account is already active, I did everything that is asked for the trust status to be released and to have access to the resources of the game I am restricted from

Hi again @daniellsilv736

Thanks for confirming the steps you’ve taken. Unfortunately since all necessary steps have been completed the only option at this point is to wait for the system to grant the trusted status to your account.

I understand how aggravating this is, but we currently have no way of providing an ETA for when that will happen, I apologize for the inconvenience.

Hopefully the trusted status is granted sooner rather than later.

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it was good while it lasted I’ll stop playing because I won’t waste time playing something that I can’t progress because of the game itself that imposes limitations that I have no control over but thanks for your patience

here is steam’s response, Hi there,

Steam Support is unable to adjust your Steam account or update your status to “trusted” on Lost Ark.

You will need to wait for the purchase/trade restriction to be removed.

As we are unable to help further with this issue, this ticket will be closed.

Steam Support

Hikes !
Why is the point of all these things to “adjust your Steam account as trusted” if they can’t update your status tho ? Why isn’t the mobile authentication enough to give you this “trusted” status ?

When you said: “because you guys are barring me from continuing to progress in the game” who are you talking about please ? Steam or Amazon/LostArk ?

well the lost ark is restricting access to almost everything in the game due to steam’s trust status but even when contacting them it was said that the restriction problem comes from the game and not them