Can the CMs let Smilegate know that we would like to have patch notes a few days earlier/a week earlier? Yes or no doesn’t matter, but at least communicate?


Im one of the victims who bought a pp earlier on because of the discount and since I’m always surfing the forums regularly the notion of free pp was always rejected with regards to scouter.

Now I’m not going to ask for refund of sort, just gonna treat it as a loss.

But I think the most important thing is to be able to plan (communicate) even if it’s just a few days ahead.

So is it possible to pass on the message to Smilegate to let them know if they could release patch notes earlier rather than a few hours?

When I say this I mean to let them know, and see what they have to say.

Either a yes or no? Because I’m not so sure since it’s always AGS receiving instructions from Smilegate. Is there a 2-way communication?

Is there a reason why it is always a few hours behind?? Anyway, never mind about the reason. Just let SG know that we are concerned about the last minute communication?


So, you bought a powerpass that was on a ‘‘discount’’, now you are about to receive another powerpass for free this time and also you are getting express event AND a honing buff to 1415, but you are a ‘‘victim’’, interesting… There definitely was a lack of communication but i wouldn’t call it being a victim.

What? Real money is involved. I couldn’t care less if I spent in game gold for a pp but I swiped for it.

Knowing that and repeatedly we were desperately asking (not once, not twice) if there’s a pp coming (even more so with the discounted pp ongoing) and there hasn’t been any answer until hours before the patch.

People are going to buy the discounted pp for sure.

AGS might not have planned this since pp was down so they wanted to compensate.

That is why I’m asking instead for better communication.

I couldn’t care less cause I have a good job but still real money was involved and it also involve a lot of people.

It is a concern that has to be addressed.

I agree that there should be better communication so people can make better decisions with their time and money, but it’s not like this powerpass you bought on a discount will go to waste, you can always use it for another alt :melting_face: unless you don’t really plan on making more alts then i understand your frustration.

I mean I will definitely use it on another alt right now, but I don’t really plan on playing more characters since I don’t have the time. It’ll just be another $50 lopang slave.

And I’m not trying to diss anyone.

See the process?

  1. I need a pp for a class (scouter)
  2. Pp is on discount!
  3. Should I pay for 1?
  4. Let me ask…. No avail. No answers… unsure.
  5. last day of discount is here. I have to buy or I pay more later.
  6. I paid for 1.
  7. Weeks later
  8. Patch note is out.
  9. I could get 1 without paying.
  10. So why would I pay?

In my case I could use my money for skins and stuff. For others, $50 might be a lot more.

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