Can These Items Be Safely Discarded? Thread

There’s apparently a decent amount of items that leave you wondering, should I get rid of this or do I need it for something? If you go searching around the net some items with give mixed results from people so I figured why not made a thread so me and other can possibly get answers. Feel free to post if you have any items that you’re wondering about.

I have a few items I’m curious about…

Book of Demons
Lat’s Poetry Book

no what if they will be used for a very important quest next year

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You can look them up on lostarkcodex and see. First three are junk, Lat’s is for a quest.

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So here’s an example of a mixed result. A person on the lostarkcodex stated in the comments that they got rid of grain early and “really need it” now at a later level. I am aware that it may be a troll comment, but you never know.

Another is for Book of Demons. An article on Gamertweak mentioned that some players say the it is used for some quest in the zone you purchased.

There’s just a lot of misinformation out there on the net.

this is for una daily. you need 17 of it

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You don’t need it. He was probably trolling. It is only to show you how pets work and because you are not in the training area, where they have full control over your skills/inventory, but in the game, they don’t have a way of removing it after the quest is done. That’s my guess.

In any case, you don’t need the grain or rice for anything later on. You can safely discard them. Same with the Book of Demons, I heard it was for a quest that got removed but the item is still at the vendor.

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what about this item?


It’s a pretty obvious troll…

It has no use.

Trash it. Useless. Maybe it was meant to be a “here’s something to put in your giant empty fields” type of thing, but then they decided that’s too much for a freebie so they made it not usable besides the quest… I mean, it’s a freakin rock, but I guess that’s too much to ask for free these days lol.

Junk items have a trash icon on them.

OK, gonna trash it lol

Some of them, like the rice, tells you in the description that it’s garbage and safe to throw out as it was used only to show you how your pet would work to grab all the stuff that drops from mobs and bosses etc.

Lat’s Poetry Book is for a quest, I’m pretty sure.

Book of Demons can be discarded, and if you ever need it, you can buy it again at the same place anyway.

I don’t recall Grain, but I’m sure it’s garbo too lol.

Not all items that have a trash icon are junk and can be used for something.

For example the drops that come from Tooki Island like the Huge Rock can be used to buy the Tooki Transformation Coin. That coin is used for quests that can be done for Roster XP, High Seas Coin Chest and Silver.