Can u run lost ark on a m1 mac ?and will it have support in the future for the OS?

I cant find on the internet if someon tried to run it on a mac but if somebody tries the beta pliz respond and it woud be nice if the game coud be played on a m1 macbook… beacouse i want to the new macs and i woud hate not to be able to play this amazing game

The game is currently not supported on MacOS, and will not run natively from what I could find.
There may be workarounds, but it’s likely gonna be a lot of trial, error and pain in the butt.
I don’t believe there is any information on future support, so I wouldn’t count on it.
You may be out of luck if you plan on staying on MacOS, sorry D:
Would love to hear a word from @Roxx regarding future support though.

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Well since the game is Windows only, and you can’t use BootCamp on the M1 Macs, the answer is sadly no.

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Not a lot of options for this if your M1 Macbook is your only unit. Unless it launches on Game Pass, for some reason, or you have some access to a Windows PC to set up Steam Link and play remotely or on a local network, or if Stadia somehow gets it to pretend it’s relevant still.

Game Pass for PC getting it seems pretty slim, getting a Steam Link setup would mean you’d have access to a PC that can already run it so it doesn’t make sense, and Stadia getting it is sort of it’s own punchline.

Gaming on Mac someone call police :rotating_light:

It doesn’t even run on Windows with ARM CPU, so it’s not Windows only but X86 only.