Can we a get a DPS meter for Inferno Raids only, and for yourself?

Hi, I know that DPS meters have been a very controversial topic in that people suggest that it might increase toxicity in certain situations. I see how that can happen to bully some players but the MVP system is almost a form of that.

My reason to ask for a DPS meter is for myself only and for Inferno Legion Raids. My issue is that my first Prog/Pug group had some serious DPS issues (it took 2 staggers to get to 1st transition). Of course, since it was my first time trying it, it could have very well been my fault!

I did use a guide to prepare my build appropriately and I do play my class well (I think). But to be sure it wasn’t a me thing, I would like to see what my DPS was for the fight and adjust my build/strategy accordingly if I’m lagging behind. This is just for ME to improve and not to call out others for not dealing enough DPS. If I am doing the appropriate DPS and the boss isn’t dying fast enough, I can simply leave and find a new group.

I want to improve but without clear feedback on my performance, I cannot see what I’m doing wrong (if anything at all).

I have absolutely no idea why Korean devs think this game shouldn’t have a dps meter. The new mvp system still shows everyone’s dmg, but we need to know it before the the raid has been cleared eg.Helltan

Having a DPS “only for yourself” would still bring grief - as people will just ask you to show a picture of your dps after each fail, 100%, or at least tell the numbers.

I don’t think that would work out smartly in the end, especially with this toxic community. So if that was to be implemented, better implement the standard full-blown party/raid DPS so at least people won’t harass you to post pictures or whatever.

so many are using it quietly
the tool has 700k downloads and is an overlay

And that tool is against ToS. I will not risk my 2000+ hour account.

Why bring this up again - it has been said time after time that there will be NO DPS Meter, live with it.

Heya @Verthandi.

I understand why someone would want that knowledge for their own personal gain. However, as stated, it could bring toxicity to the community.

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Thanks for the response.

As an alternative, would it be possible to test your own dps in Trixion using the book of coordination and the ilevel restrictions found in inferno raids?

This would be an entirely solo test but at least I could use it to gauge my DPS with as close to the exact conditions as in the inferno raid.