Can we add gold to end game content?

Back when Lost Ark launched for KR, gold was received at the end of certain content. Currently the only gold that will be pumped into the game as of beta are certain events that are timed in the world, Rapport, and Epona’s (forgot NA name). I do not think most players will do every single collection and rapport meaning they will be hurting on gold about 1 month in from buying stuff via marketplace, upgrading, crafting pots. The longer we go into T1 without a way to make gold, the rougher I feel T1 will be.

We can go down a bunch of what if rabbit holes, but I would like to hear people who played KR/RU, who understand what I am saying, think about this idea. Is it healthier for the game to have a gold scarcity because the inflation on KR and RU is high or would it be best to add gold to end game content like it was in KR/RU T1? As a person who will do whatever it takes to get ahead, the current option (depending on roadmap) will be to make alt accounts not characters and farm gold on that account and move it to my main account.

I would like this to a be a healthy discussion, but I understand its the forums and that probably isn’t possible.