Can we add penalty for kicking out of guardians with out reason

can we add penalty for these ppl who kick ppls with out reason from guardians and causing em 10min penalty? just straight out 1month ban or somthing like that?



Yeah man let’s put a penalty on everything, including newly registered players.
That way we can keep them safe from this oh so great game, community and company!

Well, one official source says, “make a video, report the players, and they will get punished for violation of the ToS”
Then there is the CM source, which claims it is not against the ToS to randomly kick people out of Guardian Raids.

My suggestion:
Play solo or get 2 more players to join you on a daily basis.

No need reheating this topic as the vocal majority on the forums has already proven their lack of common sense, as they all think to be the owners of the game.

No. If the community wants to help burn this game down, then so be it.

Just use 1 consumable bro, stop saving for LA 3.0


Oh here we go again, there IS actually a reason, i myself had to song of escape out of 5 guardians, that all had reapers without even 3x3 in kunga and deskaluda, all these 5 runs they had rainbow stats and not even a SINGLE lvl 3 engraving that can easily be accomplished by putting 2 of the same lvl 9 books in the 2 slots, so not even that, so shameless.

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dont do mm. go group finder. ppl are geared and use battle items. 2 min guardian raids.

thats probably the real reason. he ist probably one of those “i dont use consumable!!11” type of player

I mean, report them.
I am sure someone will actually see those reports. In 2024.

actualy i was kicked after i used my phero… so kinda got pissed off…

I missed my phero earlier today because I didn’t realize I was out until we were already there. I said something in chat well in time for someone else to use it. No one did so I flared. They decided to warn me twice. Went on to get 52% of the damage lol

if I see a 5x1 divine protection drops of ether reaper with no gems and rainbow stats hell ya im kicking that guy straight to narnia out of my mm kung


Three people agreed to kick you “without reason”. Right. Why don’t you tell us how often this happens to you as well. For no reason at all. So often that you decided to make a thread about it.

And one month ban? Lol, put down the weed. Or pick it up and let your anger disappear you clown.


if 3/4 players are voting to kick you… its not for no reason.


They kick you with reason, you must’ve done something wrong but you don’t dare to tell us what did you do wrong here.

Yesterday with 3 friend we make 2x fppc loby…a paladin joined after not throwing coro he write p1 wtf? insta kick… Loby not more safe elcheapos trying these secret tacticts

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I think if you do deskaluda you’re pretty safe from being kicked.

match making and 3 of em same server probly friends each other happens rarely but some times

same server doesn’t really make them all friendly to each other, it’s just normal for example valtan got the most populated server. I often meet 3 valtan people when matchmake doesn’t really mean they are friend with each other.