Can we add the KR character customization options to NA (hair, makeup, etc)?

A lot of us who enjoy making character presets and sharing it are all wondering why we lost the KR hair options / make up options, etc. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have the NA presets, as this is for the NA market, but why take away the KR presets? We can use and appreciate them on the NA / EU servers too. I don’t think this would be a big ask since the assets are already there, and when it comes to customization / personalization in an MMO, more options are always nice.


Agreed. While I appreciate the new features, I don’t understand why old ones had to be replaced when they could simply be an addition. The more the merrier!


Totally agree!

And Korean gear:

And Korean Shadowhunter transform:

Can’t understand why change successful game and make it worse. In Russia all is fine except player base.

^ this
Why replace? Just make all of them available and let people choose which they like to use.
No idea how much difference is between KR and us for Martial Artist for example, but i barely like 2 of them and i hope for more options in the future. Not to mention like 2 faces there are just duplicates lol, just replace them with actually new or KR ones. Customization is kind of limited already as it is.

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I had no idea the changes were this extensive… why is my question lol why!

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