Can we all agree on this single thing?

F**k RNG lootboxes.



Nope im excited.

Cant wait for the legendary armor.

Ill get it by spending gold in game.

Long term goals can be fun. I dont need it first week. That and 4% dmg or whatever it is wont help bad players or hurt good players.

So happens if no one buys from the store and we expect to buy from the AH?

Yep. Luckily, I’m still deciding whether I want to spend money into this game so this new loot jar doesn’t affect me. I’ll continue to save my gold (and BC).

It’s unrealistic, but yes if no one buys/sells cash outfits then the jar is useless and no legendary skins will be for sale.

This won’t happen though. People are eager to make gold and when the gold price for a $7 skin outweighs the direct RC to gold exchange, people will take advantage.

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I assume we can buy with blue crystals with gold. But we dont know prices or anything yet.

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