Can we all just take a breather

For 2 minutes can we put the pitch forks and torches down.

Over the past couple of hours Roxx has given us information to almost all the questions you guys have made countless posts about. But you all still keep going. I know i know… we’re all paying customers, but some of the things you guys are saying/talking about, not a single one of you has a clue whats going on yet you all sound like you’re on the board making decisions.

For all we know the disconnects have nothing to do with AGS/SGS, could be EACs side all together. tell you what if i was an employee at AGS/SGS working day in day out just to jump of the forums and see the garbage you guys go on with… would be hard as xD

Not saying i agree with alot of the issues/changes they’re making but it feels like a warzone in this forum xD

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We all hated when we saw AT RELEASE that they were going with EAC, so they deserve the flame for the shit show that EAC has now created.


I don’t judge Roxx. She works with the information she is provided. The issue is the lack of communication to her and some of her teams. They have failed time and time again on communicating effectively. The only people that hurt, are forums like these because it allows people to fearmonger, theorize, and come up with their own answers, which doesn’t help anyone…




I mean any normal company that deployed a patch which then turned the servers into unstable garbage would have rolled back said patch shortly after. The disconnect issue was highlighted within mere hours of servers coming up and we had radio silence
and radio silence has continued.

Roll backs should have happened and then they could have spent time to actually fix their shit but nope, EU/NA can just deal with it.

Does AGS publish it? and does SG develop it? Do both have input with EAC being put into the game? Therefore the issue has everything to do with AGS and SG

maybe if they communicated more and fully in the first place rather than just burying their heads in the sand hoping the issues will just go away then it wouldn’t be a dumpster fire. But alas here we are, with forums being ignored for days and weeks, communication at or worse than it was when AGS said they would communicate better… empty words at the time and emptier words right now.


Oh this forum turned into a dumpster fire real quick

Biggest issue is everyone just assumes something is fact here and people go along with it, causing even more dissention

Plus don’t forget that outrage is addictive, and people crave more and more for that dopamine rush

Add in the fact that the past two weeks was a break for AGS

And you got what you have now

A rabid small portion of the playerbase wanting to feed their outrage addictions by creating more outrage


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maybe some of these people are just fanning the flames

some people just want to watch the world burn

your words will do nothing

Dunno you tell me

uhh what?

Tell him. DO it

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It’s a product that I bought from them that doesn’t work as intended. You make it sound like its not a big deal because its just your good ol video game.


I’d love to know what they do besides reading the forums.

They’re not coding the game, they’re not 3d modeling, SG is doing all that.

this is the misconception people are making these day, you never paid for a product, you paid for a licence to use their product. that’s why they still have every right to remove those licenses if they see you using it incorrectly (AKA getting banned)

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Still no response to any of the shadowhunter stuff so no torches shall stay litty

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correct me if i’m wrong, but it’s it called a “Shadow Hunter”?

I get your point people are different. I changed my ISP until I get the best service since I moved house. You are right no service is perfect But I WILL practice my right to complain if I didn’t get what I paid for.

But if there are different people complaining about 1 thing then it’s a serious matter that needs to be dealt with…

What I really don’t get is why is there NO staff during the holiday period, but that’s another case.

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The problem is it should be shadowy not just pitch black or hell maybe just let us customize it to look whatever way we want it to? Would be much better to get some kind of response about customizing it or just put in dlc so that we can use the other version. Nah think we’ll just ignore the issue entirely. Kinda like how they just ignore the DC issue.

Yea picking on typos will put this discusion on another level for sure :slight_smile:

Tbh we can argue about many things but ppls are pissed about problems not resolved for months and you are gaslighting them like hell, bravo :wink:

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there is another thread for this.Why the black Shadowhunter?

The one I linked there is in game feedback and is about how it’s too dark to see in quite a lot of fights. People are just fighting in the Why the black shadowhunter one. The first one I linked is purely feedback about how the change negatively impacts the gameplay of the class and has pretty much nothing besides valid criticisms of the change they haven’t responded to that one either.

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