Can we all just take a breather

I just wish it will not end up like Cabal Online, only spenders play and defend game, and ofc peoples on macros getting alz from drops like here gold. Ppls who play mmos at least from 2005 november know that this game is very good, only one game where combat is alot different from all other mmos what we have, just as always worst company choices - Estsoft, and that game ea day getting ddos, similiar like here dc and game freeze but chat work, forum and game look same like Cabal Online in times when it just started to get worse and worse, quickly end up that players can let character to be at macro/bot without ban, just because of whales who spend like stupid, so why the company should care ban bots or fix things when whales still will pay, for me its nothing new really, its normal if someone own a company like that and see that ppls is still paying so why ban others and fix things, better add some more $ things to shop, we get $ and they will be still happy about our crap service ;).

then whats ur take on shitty auction house limitation solution?

It does seem like Roxx made a New Years resolution to be more direct with the community.

She very directly Noped every single thing the community was still asking for/about lol


You were making some sense till you wrote this statement.

Even if it’s EAC’s side they have to talk to each other they made a partnership at some, Thats’s why EAC is tied to LA western version. They are all at fault

maybe shes starting to have enough of this behavior yaknow ?
I wouldve gotten fired after 1 hour in her place

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Breh they just had a 2 week holiday vacation wdym… It’s also time they get some notches in their belt because so many issues haven’t been resolved for months on end. I guess we all should have expected this since they couldn’t even solve the queue time issue which is why we lost majority of our player base thus far.

Well that’s the thing, we just don’t know. It’s quite possible that EAC is having issues on their end. look at Runescape for example, just acouple of weeks ago one of their 3rd party data centres just failed and went offline for for almost 20 hours. no one was able to play the game for that period of time until they moved their resources over to another data centre.

If only they would make such important information properly public and not hidden in a random comment :frowning: I don’t want to sit here camping the dev tracker all day

But this has been going on for nearly 2 months and they have tried different maintenances/patches to fix it. I imagine they must have reached out to EAC to see what they can do on their side but then again since AGS is notorious for not communicating who knows if EAC is even aware of anything lol

and that’s what we’re trying to say. No one has any idea whats going on. so why are we all devouring into chaos over things we don’t know, the CMs keep telling us they will give us the information when they know, and it’s because they straight DONT KNOW.

Lets stop cuz EAC is doing wonders against bots XD

I some what agree with this, but I think there is some justification. I have watched a lot of content around the games I play and never have I seen more videos made about the issues in this particular game and how they are not being addressed. The DC problem is going to kill this game if they can’t get it figured out. People will likely still play with a modified skin, but the DC issues and other player experience issues that continue to plague LOA will cause it to go belly up in the west if they aren’t careful.

still not banned? mods are slow today

All i’ve got to say is that compare our version, which is nearly 1 year old, to the one Taiwan is going to get. I think that’s enough to know how trash AGS is, seriously though, everyone working for them, no cap.


I don’t think AGS is doing enough to mitigate the damage that’s already been done to this game. It all started when they are tampering too many unnecessary changes before the launch of the game. I don’t think AGS currently have enough manpower to really manage Lost Ark at this current state to efficiently and quickly deal with so much problems that still keeps adding more into their lists of problems.

Amazon isn’t hiring enough people to help decrease the stress of this work load, I’m even more dumbfound what kind of daily basis in their board meetings that just ignores a list of problems and do little as possible to fix these obvious while at the same time trying to find ways to demoralized the current existing players. They will even top it off to gatekeep new players to catch up to join current players to getting their feet into brel with all these requirements to get into Party Finder Groups.

Western Version of Lost ark is the middle child that’s gonna be ignored most of the time. I do hope that Lost Ark TW does perform better in a month comparing to a year of Lost Ark west performed.

My account has been bugged with things not resetting properly for over a week now and nothing is being done about it.


Lol this guy.

No, we’ve disconnected so many times.

This server is literal garbage.

Now I get what your account is. Joined only 15 days ago but a massive ags fanboy I see. Your old account got perm banned now and now you are terrified so you don’t dare say anything about them anymore :joy:

no the issues have already been dragged for too long at this point its fix or lose everyone in the game .