Can we at least get an official reason why the patch is delayed?

Didnt read sry

Just hope that later this week is not the same as mid june

They literally said that would be forthcoming…

“… detailed information about the delay will be coming later this week in a larger Team Update”

Did you even bother to read the post? She literally said you will get one later.

learn 2 read

of course not

Do you have eyes? It literally fucking says “YOU WILL GET A REASON LATER”. Fucking hell guys, come on.

They were blocked. Then they got unblocked.

Very easy to understand man.

If you couldn’t be bothered to read those notes, what makes anyone think you’d be bothered to read their explanation, making offering you one pretty pointless.

But if you really read between the lines, bots and possibly issues with EU threatening to ban Gacha games.

You need to seriously calm down. Take a deep breath.