Can we block / ban toxic players ->Zenbomb wishing that I die IRL


Unfortunately I couldn’t screen the previous game, but this kind of behaviour is not tolerable.
This guy trashtalked me and wished me to die IRL in 2 games, I can’t block him, reporting seems useless

Can a moderator take action against these kind of tools please ?


Report it by the web way

Degens don’t even get banned for telling people to off themselves in the forums so Goodluck

It is possible to ignore people permanently, you just need to increase your forum rank.

But still, report/flag their posts and possibly bring in a CM by tagging a quote of their post.

Edit: The screenshot loaded, it was in game? Oof. Yeah youll have to report in game, and THAT blocks them permanently.

Sorry I didn’t mention it, I was talking about PvP, when you get trashtalked by players from other servers.

I often close the chat, but sometimes I need it to see if my teammates want me to do something specific. If I don’t reply I get insulted aswell so …

So pvp is already toxic? Thank you for the warning and im sorry for the trouble you are having…

as matchmaking system is terrible, it helps to evolve toxic behaviour among players who are frustrated about unfair teams and 0 balance ingame.

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Ofc it’s toxic when mmr system is ran by a billion dollar company

Tell me any game where two or more people play against each other which isn’t toxic. Especially when its in a ranked game mode.

Why can you even talk to the other team? This is obviously a bad idea. Some games dont even let you chat to your own team - only using indicators instead to stop this

Unfortunately, you can’t do anything about it, the only thing that would really help is a subscription model, then many kids won’t play anymore because mom and dad don’t give any money…But the best thing I can do is simply ignore these people. They should get upset but their hearts will fail at some point

Every game my chat box is closed. If someone from my teammates want to tell me something, well sorry i will not read it. That’s the only way for me to play PvP and have fun and not get titled. Many people at the start of ranked flaming and cursing, that’s the only option i found to work for me.

Who in their right mind would ever subscribe for this garbage ass pvp system…?

People complaining that participation is down and this guy is raging out in the 1400s telling us low-rankers to stop queueing up :rofl:


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I have to say that I see less toxicity now, as I play plat-diamond games, but still.

Riot managed to deal with this issue, maybe it’s about time to do something.
PvP ranked is still unplayable at the moment, due to a bad balance

Close chat, remove the chat bubbles so you don’t have to interact with this kind of toxic player.

Problem solved.

Like any game?

Toxicity is always wrong but pretending it’s particularly bad in LA is kinda naive, IIRC people have gone to jail over toxicity in LoL
Sadly no amount of company policing will ever be enough, muting chat is the way to go
AGS should implement inter-server blocklists and a blacklist for people you simply don’t want to group up with.

Notice how AGS doesn’t have enough fortitude to say anything in this post, it’s really sad how toxic they are letting this game get New World had the same problem.

Apparently Money > Good Player Base